Semispinalis Capitis, Trapezius Injury

has anyone on this forum hurt there traps training? I woke up w/ a stiff neck, that is why i mentioned the rotation muscles in the neck as well.

i don’t remember hurting it at the gym, perhaps when when i was humping some T-bar rows but i’m unsure.

i’m aware of RICE treatment but i woke like this two days ago and now it’s kind of too late. The pain is solely on my right side extending down to the end of my trap, home plate so to speak (mid back right side).

Pain meds, rest, icy hot…any other suggestions.

i recognize it’s case by case injury assessment. i think it’s strained not torn, so how long away from the gym is typical for an injury as such?

i’m back…thanks for all the great input fellas.

rest for two-three days and then isolation work calves, forearms, bi’s, tri’s…

i haven’t hit back or shoulders yet and i kept chest w/out flies, i didn’t want my scapula moving around a lot.

so far so good.