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Semisonic's Song 'Closing Time' Meaning


When this song came out I was a kid in high school and I thought I understood the lyrics. Oh. how wrong I was ; )

â??Remember the Grammy-winning '90s song, "Closing Time," by Semisonic? Until recently, no one really knew what the song was actually about - although we all thought we knew.

The song was about a bar's last call for the night, and what might ensue once the bar-goers left; right? Surprisingly, no.

Even more surprising is the song's Pro-Life message.

Dan Wilson, the band's lead singer, revealed the song's meaning at his 25th reunion at his alma mater, Harvard. Wilson explains to his fellow alumni that when he and his wife were expecting their daughter, he didn't want to write a cliche song to commemorate the occasion:

[Bandmates] instinctively know that as soon as junior arrives on the scene, the next thing that's going to come is a song about junior, written by the singer, guaranteed to be that singerâ??s favorite song he or she ever wrote;

It gets personal because when my wife Diane and I were expecting our one and only child, I knew this. I knew that my bandmates; were feeling that dread. So I did what any good sneak would do, and I hid my junior song, and I did it in plain view, which is where a good sneak knows is the best place to hide something. And I hid it so well in plain view that millions and millions of people heard the song and bought the song and didn't get it. They think it's about being bounced from a bar, but it's about being bounced from the womb.

Listen to Wilson explain the real meaning behind each verse of the song, beginning about 4 ½ minutes into the video. Then, watch the song itself.â??

original article appeared here - http://www.lifenews.com/2015/03/31/semisonics-song-closing-time-has-a-pro-life-meaning-no-one-knew-about-until-now/

Wait for someone to whine and cry because I copied the story and shared it here while providing a link to the article. Someone will complain, they always do jajajaja!


Wow. Thanks for clarifying the true meaning of that amazing song. For the last 15 years I was completely haunted by the real meaning of that song.

I always thought that song was about a cross-dressing woman who after being a teenage sex slave, got pregnant, decided to have an legal abortion, got breast cancer and depression (because everyone knows that abortion causes breast cancer and depression), joined Scientology and became a successful actor in Bollywood.

Hey Sherlock, now that you have cleared up the Closing Time mystery, could you please tell us what Blackie Lawless really meant when we sang the W.A.S.P. anthem: Animal (Fuck like a beast)?



That was a pretty cool story. Not sure why it's a PWI topic, but he sure had me fooled.




Our friend Kneedragger likes to start the abortion threads every so often. They always have the same arguments, made by the same people, some good, some fantastic, some horrid and others just randoms that pop into PWI to point out the fact they don't think about an issue, but rather feel their way through life...

Good times, good times.


I hated that song until I heard Semisonic play it live on Howard Stearn's radio show years ago.

Something about the rawness of a live performance that I find very appealing.


This got me thinking about hidden meanings in some of my favorite songs, and now I'm beginning to think that "Sex Farm" isn't about farming at all.


The author of the article claims the song has a pro-life message, not the songwriter (Dan Wilson said it was to mark the birth of his kid). Where abortion comes into I can't fathom. Might as well say the line "One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer" is an ode to fetal alcohol syndrome.


Because rather than point out the scientific fact that it is a unique human life at conception, a lot of the pro-life stuff he posts goes off into hyperbole land, if not making up a bunch of stuff, which is unnecessary.


So beans, do ANY pro-death arguments make sense to you OR are they nearly always from "the hyperbole land?" By no means have I ever made the claim to be perfect, in fact I know I screw this life up more than most. I also do not spend copious amounts of time on these forums trying to get people to jump onto the pro-LIFE bandwagon with me. However I can honestly attest that I try.

As for your comment about making statistics up, I presume you are referring to when I talked about a quarter of a quarter percent of abortions resulting in pregnancy, correct? Well with most of my life being nothing to do with abortion research, I did find an article from â??88 - http://www.chapter14.net/misc/Why%20Do%20Women%20Have%20Abortions%20-%20Family%20Planning%20%20Perspectives.%20July-August%201988.pdf â?? I will find the article someday though, just donâ??t hold your breath ; )

Another comment you might be talking about that didnâ??t go over well is how abortion is tied to breast cancer. I do not have the time or money to do the research myself but logic and reason tell me that when a woman is pregnant, she has his levels of progesterone. Interrupting those high levels through an abortion has to cause her entire hormone system to be thrown out of whack for months. Then you try and say she wouldnâ??t have a reaction to that disruption? Let me try another tactic. Breast cancer has been around and always will be around, yet nothing is done to cure the actual disease. Were the numbers of women with breast cancer before 1973 as high as they are now? I am not a betting man, yet I would still wager my house with no doubts as to what the answer would be.

My apologies for starting this thread in PWI, but I digress ; )


Please post a picture of your house so I can decide if I want to take you up on your wager. I hope that it has a large yard....



You consistently confuse my position on the matter, and I've given up any attempt to converse with you on it.


I live in a condominium so that ends the wager right there ; )


Beans I have never tried to be confusing on my pro-LIFE position and in my original understanding you were arguing for the death position. Is it my fault for failing to grasp your point?


Hey guys, is Stairway to Heaven about abortion?


I guess I always assumed it was about a bar but after rereading the lyrics I can see where he made subtle hints about it having a larger meaning. I certainly don't see a pro-life message in it anywhere. Kneedragger, I think the point Beans was trying to make was not in favor of abortion but rather that there is plenty of ammo for arguing in favor of a pro-life position without dipping into what he referred to as "the land of hyperbole."


I know who I want to take me home...

...for an abortion.

EDIT: oh wait, that'd be pro-choice. My bad.


For every thirty babies that are carried to term, seventy are aborted.

Not by doctors, but by the Great Physician Himself, God.

Most people know them by their more common name, "miscarriages", but in medical parlance, they are called "spontaneous abortions".

Most of the time the mother didn't even know she was pregnant, and if she notices her aborted baby at all, it looks just like a tiny blood clot on the maxi-pad.

This happens all the time.

All. The. Time.

So often that it's safe to say that every woman who has ever had unprotected sex has probably had a multitude of abortions in her lifetime, and she never even knew it.

Which makes for an interesting moral dilemma if one is Catholic.

Which is more immoral, to allow countless babies to die in spontaneous abortions, or to prevent this from happening, with condoms?


Which is why I've stopped trying to have this conversation with you.

You assume because I don't fall lock step in line with your arguments, that I disagree with your overall belief.

100%, unequivocally, yes.

This, lol.

It is beyond frustrating. And it isn't the only issue people do it with. It's fucking annoying as shit.


I'm not religious, and totally a fan of birth control, I'm fixed myself.

But I imagine the argument would be something like "one is god's plan, God allows the miscarriage and it is natural. No harm no foul, for these particular miscarriages you're speaking of. The condom is still a sin because..."