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Seminars: How Much Do They Cost?


Next Wednesday, Poliquin is coming over at my college. It's my first seminar with someone that is quite known.

The cost is :

Students 55$ pre-sale, 80$ at entrance
Public 80$ pre-sale, 110$ at entrance

It's a three hour long presentation.

I was curious, how much do such seminars cost at other places?


The EliteFTS On-site Seminar is 5 grand.

The Passion into Profit seminar is 325.00 on sale.

Honestly, I would go in a heart beat. Bring a notepad, absorb information.

55.00 is nice.


Dude, three hours to listen to Poliquin for 55 bucks? That’s a steal.

Go, and take notes. I went to Shug’s seminar a few years back, and I’m REALLY happy I took notes.


That’s a good deal to hear Poliquin for three hours. Similar seminars would be about the same price.

A full one-day seminar might be $50-150. A two-day seminar could be $150-1,000. A two-and-a-half-day seminar could be $300-2,000 or more!


I have been to a Donnie Thompson one day kettlebell seminar and a two day Joe DeFranco/Zach Even-Esh seminar. DT’s was around $180 and Joe D/Zach’s was $500. Both were all hands-on and worth every penny.