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Seminar With Dr. Verkhoshanksi And Dr. Yessis

Dr. Yuri Verkhoshanski and Dr. Michael Yessis are holding a joint seminar on February 11-13 in Lisle, IL .

Dr. Verkhoshanski is the inventor of plyometrics and a pioneer in the development of the conjugate system of periodization.
Dr. Michael Yessis is an expert in the fields of biomechanics and sports technique analysis.

In addition to the distinguished lecturers, many of the top coaches in the strength and conditioning field will be in attendance.

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Please post here if you would like more information.

Please PM me with more info.

I would also like more info.


There was talk about a possible student discount for this seminar. Do you know anything about that possibility?


Yes, a substantial student discount is available. The registration fee prior to October 31 is $375. For students the fee is $225.

Group discounts are also available.


I spoke with someone who said that this seminar might be recorded and sold on a website.

Is this true?

Thanks for the information.

I’d be interested
Carl Johnson
Milwaukee WI

We may record the seminar and sell it on our website.
However, this is not a guarantee by any means, so if you are interested in the information that will be presented I strongly recommend that you plan on attending.

Additionally, the first 30 people to register are eligible to a submit a written question to Dr. Verkhoshanski and Dr. Yessis that is guaranteed to be answered at the seminar.

I should point-out just how unique an opportunity this really is. Dr. Verkhoshanski was the top sport-scientist in the former Soviet Union, and he has never been (and likely never will again) to the United States.

Coaches in the know realize that the U.S. is still behind the former Soviet Union in terms of training athletes. This is in large part due to Dr. Verkhoshanski’s pioneering work.

In the United States, Dr. Verkhoshanski’s work is only available in poor translations that are subject to the translator’s interpretation. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear this information straight from the man who revolutionized the field.

If you attend this seminar you will obtain knowledge that few others in the world can claim to have.

Definatley interested

This sounds like an outstanding opportunity. I would like more info. Too bad I am not a student, what about sexy ladies, do they get a discount?

Tony there was talk of Dr Verkhoshanksi releasing 2 or more books in the near future…

do you know anything about this??

thank you

I would definately be interested in the details of the seminar.

Tony, Please PM me with all the information for the seminar please. Thanks

hugepectorals- Sorry, no discounts given to individual sexy women. However, if you can get together a group of people (preferably sexy women) then discounts are available.

davidian- Dr. Verkhoshanski has released other books in the past few years. However, these books are not available in english. Any future books that are published will likely NOT be available in english simply because the demand in the U.S. and other english-speaking countries is not high enough.

Please send me more information.

Detailed information on the seminar can be found at http://www.UltimateAthleteConcepts.com

Just a reminder that the deadline for early registration is fast approaching. Sign-up by October 31 to receive more than 10% off the regular price.

Please visit the website posted previously for more details.

I will not be able to attend, but please post more info. if the seminar is taped!!!

Yeah Id definetly buy a taped version of the conference!!!