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Hello T-Men,
I just got back to london after a few days in disappointingly grey orlando. But although the weather wasnt ideal, the seminar was awesome. This being the first no holds barred, I think things went really well but of course, as we figure out what worked and what did not, we will have a bigger, more “buffed” version for NHBII in las vegas.

As one of the presenters, I must say that my collegues were phenomenal. Ian’s sessions were among the best Ive ever been to in my life. If you get a chance to see him speak, you must take it. He’s not only full of knowledge, but humble and personable as well.

Although Ive been training for a while now and have had some success in bodybuilding and powerlifting, I can always learn new things and I certainly did this weekend. Bill and Brian did some great drug stuff. I got to hang with Brian a bit and he is fascinating to talk to one-on-one. And as usual, Tom Incledon, the walking research encyclopedia, was full of funny stories and full of even more useful information. Thanks guys for your participation.

Finally, the attendees were awesome guys. They ranged from beginners to advanced but everyone was friendly and full of the desire to learn that the whole weekend was like a big "knowledge buffet". Heck, I even learned some things from those guys. In addition, I met some new friends and these great guys from New Orleans are gonna take me to their gym to train my next time down to NO.

Anway, in the future, I highly recommend attendance for all readers. I’ll be putting some of my talks on the site as articles really soon so keep your eyes out. Also, for those who did attend, we can use the forum to keep in touch!

Best wishes

You guys are having a similar seminar in
Vegas (hopefully with the same speakers)? That
would rock! I’m there … I would be able to
get aware from the office enough if I only
had to travel to vegas instead of orlando.
Let us know when it will be. Thanks.

Big John! Hey, I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you! I wish I had more time to speak with you after the seminar. I did enjoy joining you, Louis and Tom for breakfast. Thanks again!

I enjoyed your lecture on Massive Eating and took some notes on the diet yesterday. As I use the diet, I may have some questions that you can help me with. One thing that I wasn’t sure of is if I should try to eat just high protein, high fat, low-fat meals, or if I should eat a combination of the above AND moderate protein and carb meals with low fat.

I brought a bunch of extra food with me today so I can get those calories in! I haven’t been able to gain weight because I’ve been eating only enough to maintain. So hopefully, with your Massive Eating diet, I can pack on some serious muscle and stay lean!

Thanks again! I’ll talk to you soon.

Glad to hear the seminar went so well. I will definitely try to make the one in Vegas. I enjoyed your postworkout nutrition articles and eagerly await the Massive Eating article!

What about a seminar in Montreal, Canada? Hotels are cheap, canadian money is cheap, and restaurants are awesome. Our chicks rules too!

Hey John the “Big Easy” awaits you. Working out by day. Watching naked women do lewd and lascivious acts by night. Now thats a manly thing to do. Hope to see you soon Bro!

John, you are right Ian was incredible. Imagine to be able to spend a whole weekend with just him, how much better lifters we would become. I also found your lectures fascinating and they grabbbed my attention the most out of all the speakers. Looking forward to trying your year round eating program, I have several competitive athletes that I work with that I am going to put on the diet also. Ill let you know my conclusions. Also going to give them the post workout shake. I am really excited about this. Hope Biotest comes out with it soon because the formula we are working with now taste like SH… Like we talked about at the seminar I hope biotest doesnt hold back on the product because of cost. They have to at least give it a shot