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Seminar Info?

I’m all registered for the big seminar in Orlando. Any word on times and whether or not food will be available? If not I’ll need to pack a big cooler of food. Billy at the 800 number didn’t really know anything(no rip intended Billy). Any info appreciated.

I was wondering the same thing today.

I know there will be an am and a pm break of 30 min. In addition there will be a 1 hour mid day meal break. I would think the hotel had a restaurant and I know there will be tons of free samples of Biotest stuff. But just to be safe, Im brining lots of whey protein, balance bars, and grow packets. Since I cant bring food with me from canada, Ill probably buys some pb&j stuff to snack on with my protein shakes. OR you could always do like Greg Kovacs does at the BB shows and just sit there in a chair all day and eat mcdonalds burgers.

Since we’re paying the big bucks to attend the seminar, you would think Biotest would send all of us a packet in the mail with all the pertinent info (place, times, directions, etc.).

But so far, no one has sent anything and Billy didn’t seem too sure of it happening. But These are the things we really need to know.

I’ll definitely bring snacks with me, but I want to know more! Send us some details Biotest crew!

Chill out Nate…You will get everything you need and more. T-mag is currently coordinating everything (which is a big endeavor) with the hotel, with speakers, with exhibitors, etc. Once all is settled, you guys will get the info. Because it is all in the organizational stages, they dont want to start talking about things only to have them change on ya. There is still like 7 weeks to go or something so take it easy and you’ll get exactly what you need soon enough! Look forward to seeing you all there!

Nate, if you keep emailing these annoying posts, I may ask for a refund and not go to the seminar…Just kidding dude.

i think it would be cool if instead of us bringing our own food, biotest could suprise us by handing us out grow shakes every couple of hours throughout the seminar. maybe even a new flavor. and we could all be the testers for it. what do you think nate?

How about this scenario. As each person enters the seminar, they must walk through a tunnel that will spray an Androsol/Nandrosol mixture on us. When we exit the tunnel into the seminar we are given a double-serving of Methoxy-7. During the seminar we are served Grow by Topless double-D cup fitness bunnies. After the seminar a steak dinner is prepared for us with all the extras. Then, last but not least, in all of our hotel rooms a naked fitness bunny will be horned up and ready to “service” us. All provided by Biotest! Hey, I can dream can’t I?

Amen Sig…Amen

I dont think there will be any topless or nude fitness chicks running around but I hear that Chris Shugart looks pretty good in a thong…if you squint REALLY hard.