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Semi-Warrior Diet working great!

This is my way of cutting right now:
Meal 1, morning: One very big meal consisting of protein and fat( i.e Fried eggs, tuna, ham, cheese, shrimps, garlic sauce). Some veggies( asparagus, tomatoes, spinach, anything goes as long as keeping carbs low).
Meal 2, evening: REPEAT!
During the day I might have some meat or a protein shake if I feel the need arises.
This is working GREAT, I am full and satisfied and less obsessive of meal timing. During the day I hang out at the beach and no worries about getting “into the catabolic zone” ever gets into my head.
Anyone else that likes this semi-warrior diet approach?

I fail to see how its working GREAT. My friend never works out and eats Burger King all day. He’s very satisfied with his diet.

What kind of gains have you made? [Stength/body composition].