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Semi-Pro Soccer Body


Hey guys,

I play semi pro soccer and am also a certified personal trainer (ISSA-CFT). Just thought I'd throw out a picture of me to see what you guys thought, keeping in mind I have to stay somewhat lean because of my soccer, can't get too big.

Any questions or comments let me know!


super hawt bro.





hawt abz. uh adultfriendfinder is that >>>>way


did you read the sticky before you decided to “throw out a picture of yourself”? Your basically going to get hawt abz comments if you don’t post pics of your back, legs, and double bis.

Oh yea, x2 on the Hawt abz


That phone sucks by the way.


Sorry guys, didn’t read the sticky, I take the blame haha




eat son…


hard to believe this isn’t a troll.


lol not a troll, I’m normally on bb.com and thought I’d come check out T-Nation


Quads look good, everything else looks weak and bite sized in comparison, especially your back.


Sweet V-taper, Hawt abz, Chizeled guns… A++++


Congrats, you look like a semi-pro soccer player. What more do you want?


[quote]soccerpro6 wrote:
lol not a troll, I’m normally on bb.com and thought I’d come check out T-Nation[/quote]

They miss you more than we will when you leave here.

Isn’t there a semi-pro soccer player forum that you can post your pics on? I mean what about a bodybuilding forum caught your attention enough to think it made sense to post your non-BB looking physique on a forum that rates people acording to BB standards.


I just posted this hear to get peoples opinions, nothing else. I’m not trying to be a body builder, just trying to keep a good looking body without getting too big for my sport.

One of the best ways to gauge how someone is doing is to ask others, and I see a lot of people on this site that just go around and bash people haha I don’t really mind and it’s funny at times, but I just wanted to get peoples opinions on how I looked, keeping in mind I am not trying to be a body builder.

Thanks for the looks!


Put a sock in your undies, makes you look more masculine. Maybe then people want to put it in your pooper.


You look like Brad Pitt from Fight Club.


In fairness, this is ‘rate my physique’, not ‘rate me with regard to bodybuilding’…it ultimately comes down to rating according to what your goals are IMO.

Anyhow, with that in mind, for a semi-pro soccer player, yeah, pretty decent.



Why is the first pic in black and white?

How does gaining muscle, strength, and power going to hurt your performance?