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Semi-Off Topic: Spicy Food

How many of you like spicy food? I was just wondering this because I noticed that people who’re active and/or adventurous usually like spicy stuff. I’ll put red pepper flakes on something 'til it’s crunchy, eat pickled jalapenos out of the jar, or throw a chopped up habanero into my chili. And I always have to have a bottle of Tobasco handy. Anyone else addicted like I am?

Yes!! I love spicy food–the spicier the better. People think I’m crazy, but get some real amusement out of my red face and tears when I eat something really hot. Wasabi is my favorite–it takes a second or two to hit, but then watch out!

I love spicy foods! In fact, I visited a store this past weekend that sold hundreds of different hot sauces. Well, they had some samples out, and I was tasting a few. My friend found one that was hot, so I scooped a nice chunk on a pretzel and downed it. His eyes popped out of his head and he said, “Oh my God, you are about to get it!” When the lady in the store saw what I tried, she was like, “The Mad Dog is the hottest sauce we sell. You might want to run next door and get some chocolate to help ease the burning.”

Boy were they right! That shit was so freakin hot I thought I was going to die! My eyes started watering and it burned the hell out of my tongue, lips and mouth. It burned so bad that my ear hole starting hurting! I was running to other stores looking for something to help cool me down! I tried an ice cream sample, a bottle of water and repeated spitting on the street. It took at least 30 minutes for the pain to subside and my ear to stop hurting. But it made my stomach hurt for a good hour.

But it sure was good! That’s some hella hot sauce right there. Next time I won’t try such a large amount at one time. But I still like my spicy foods!

I love my hot foods. In fact, Tabaso came out with a little promotional pack of these little one ounce bottles of their sauce. I bought about 30 of them…and have them everywhere…home, work, car etc. I like to bring them into resturaunts betcause it works with everything…chicken, beef, fries, even mozzerella sticks!! By the way…if you can find it try Kick Ass popcorn. I thought it was a joke when someone got it for me…I popped up a bag, and shoved a whole handful in my mouth…WOW I couldn’t finish the entire bag…my eyes were watering and my mouth was on fire…great stuff!!

When my brother and I were kids, we would eat hot peppers and then run around the kitchen table - the challange was to see how many times you could get around the kitchen table until you had to stop and drink some milk. I built up my tolerance real quick back then :). We got our love for hot stuff honest though, my dad still uses tobasco sauce the way some people use gravy.

Yeah, I like spicy foods, having grown up eating Korean food. Now that I’m married to a Japanese, I have to tone it down a bit because my wife can’t take the spice. One word about wasabi, Reege. Pure wasabi is not that hot. In the finer restaurants in Japan, they use freshly grated wasabi root (a type of horseradish actually) and I hardly found any that was really hot. Most wasabi served in restaurants in the States and the cheaper restaurants in Japan are constituted from a powder which contains a lot of mustard to add the kick. Also, a lot of the wasabi sold in tubes have regular western horseradish as an ingredient with some food coloring added. My wife was surprised when she read the ingredients, and the stuff was made in Japan to boot. The way you can tell if the restaurant you go to is serving pure wasabi or not is the color and the texture. Pure wasabi has a dull light olive drab color. Anything bright lime green or bright green probably contains little wasabi. Also, pure wasabi spreads easily when added to soy sauce, just like grated horseradish in au jus sauce. The fake stuff is sticky and pasty and you really have to work it make it spread evenly in the soy sauce–that is due to the mustard. Nevertheless, I still like the kick from wasabi, whether it be pure or not. I also like hot mustard, which you can buy in tubes at an Oriental grocery. I think mustard is consistently hotter than wasabi, actually. I went to a wasabi farm in Japan and it was an interesting trip. Maybe I’ll save that for another post. Take care.

Oh am I addicted…Damn am I addictive to spice. If it’s hot as hell I’ll eat it. I am with you brother I want a Tabasco IV. Cansequentely, I have develope a digestive system that could dissolve a Cessna.
Long live spice…I’d like to see jalapeno flavored grow…I’d buy the whole stock! How about it Tim?!

I’ve been reading this board for a long time but nothing ever got me to reply until now. I consider myself one of the kings of hot sauce heads. I have all of the mad dog sauces,endorphin rush,daves insanity,crazy jerrys and all of blairs stuff to. I can relate to nate’s story ,I did the same thing up in boston with the mad dog, that stuff is killer what a rush. If anybody is interested here is a good site to look up sauces(www.sammcgees.com)

Nate, I did the same thing with a bottle of Endorphin Rush. I poured out about a quarter sized drop of the stuff onto a chip and downed it… and before I could say, “This isn’t so hot” tears shot down my face, my tongue swelled up and my ears were hurtin just like yours did, then I had to go find me something to cool off with. Of course after the burn subsided I bought a bottle! Cuda, thanks for the link, I collect hot sauces too, got a bottle of Dave’s in my cupboard… Hyok, Korean food rocks! I grew up on kimchi and spicy pork ribs. My favorite spicy food lately has been Thai, I can’t get enough of that stuff, especially the red curry.

I’m always eating some hot stuff. I always put lots of tabasco or hot sauce on my eggs, but my favorite is spicy sole (10g of protein/fillet!)

I too, can’t get enough “heat” (or garlic, for that matter).

A restaurant in my area used to serve “Nuclear Buffalo Wings”. If you could finish all twelve, your meal was on the house. Fitting, 'cause if you did finish, the meal would probably end up on the sidewalk. About two years ago some genius tried to eat a whole order of these things, apparently despite incredible pain, and ended up in the HOSPITAL! The rumor was that a lawsuit ensued or was threatened, because the wings got very tame very fast after the incident. And I never got to try them.

The best thing about hot foods is the pain. My friends think me insane, but if it's supposed to be hot, I should be teary eyed and sweating. Asian spices seem to the best (in general) for a "hit and run burn", kind of like horseradish, while the jalapeno and habanero varieties stay with you for a while. Personally, I don't like Tabasco because it's too runny and vinegary for my taste.

Just writing this post is giving me heartburn. Lunchtime!

Absolutely. My favorite dish is a Thai recipe,
Beef Masaman Curry, which I get as hot as they make it.

BTW, a great technique that I came up with
(though probably someone else has done it)
when making chili is to boil stew beef
with a lot of jalapeno peppers in the water.
The spice transfers to the beef, and you
toss out the soggy, not-really-spicy
jalapenos. (Of course, you add more peppers
of various kinds to the chili – this is
just how you get the beef intrinsically hot.)

BTW, this can create quite the fumes in the kitchen, so watch out.

That’s interesting information about the wasabi Hyok. Thanks for pointing that out. it makes sense–I love horseradish,and I hasd always eaten the jar kind. when I bought fresh horseradish root, I was a little disappointed to find that it didn;t have the same sinus clearing effect. Either way, I love the stuff. And with as much sushi as I eat, it will be good to have another way to evaluate the restaurant (ie, hat is the quality f the wasabi?).

I’m growing some peppers on my porch, and looking forward to my first Hungarian wax pepper. I heard they are really hot, but have’t tried any yet. Can’t wait till they are ready to eat!

BTW, has anybody tried Dave’s Insanity sauce? WOW!

I LOVE spicy hot foods (it must be the spanish in me, it certainly can’t be the irish!)I compete with everybody at the table to see who can eat the most of the hottest dish. One trick I have is to breathe through the mouth instead of the nose.

Put a tablespoon of Epsom Salt close to each of your pepper plants, but not touching them. It will make your peppers take off! I think it is the magnesium in it, I don’t remember.

A Girl, you say you have a little Irish in you? Would you like a little more? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. That’s one of my favorites. Slap your monitor if it makes you feel better (just don’t throw a drink on it). And yes, despite being Irish (tattoos and all), I still love spicy Asian, Mexican, Spanish, and American cuisine.

Here’s a tip for those of you trying to deal with the burn when you’ve gotten in deeper than you should have. Milk has chemicals (though I can’t remember what the hell they’re called) that cool off the mouth and make it possible to stop writhing in agony a little sooner. Water will just make it worse, and don’t even think about reaching for a beer when you need to cool off. Learned that one the hard way in a Thai restaurant a few years ago.

Hey Ironbabe, what kind of peppers do you grow? I’d like to get some pablanos growing.

Important safety tip - if you chop up hot peppers, for god’s sakes, please wash your hands before you go to take a leak, or you’ll be doin the “chile dance” like I did one time.

Demo, actually, I have a lot of Irish in me (snicker),nearly half. The other half is Spanish, my grandparents immigrated here from those countries in the 1930’s. I guess you could say I’m a hot potato.

This year I’m only growing jalepenos, banana peppers, and bell peppers. I had to scale back my garden per my hubby’s request. I had to do away with some of my favorite plants so I can still grow a billion tomatoes. Next year though, I’ll probably ditch some of the plants I’m not using much of this year (squash,cantaloupe) and grow a huge pepper and tomato garden. My family can’t get enough of my home canned salsa, but he has requested I make a “mild” version too…heh. Anyone else here like gardening? I’ve done it since I first bought my house three years ago.

I love hot stuff. Pretty much everything i eat gets a coating of hot sauce, and that is no joke. My father makes his own hot sauce and let me tell you the stuff is legendary. Over the years i think i have become immune to what the average person would consider spicy. To me, I would not consider something hot if it doesn’t burn as bad coming out as it did going in. There is a Restraunt in the Orlando area call Tiawana Flats, and they have hottest sauces i have ever tasted. They make a Sauce called SMACK MY ASS AND CALL ME SALLY. and that stuff lives up to its name. The 1st time i had it, i unknowingly licked my lips and i had a red ring around my mouth far three days…You aren’t a man till you can eat this stuff. Check out the tijuanaflats Website.

They inflated there prices exteamely in the site, but it is still well worth it. Especially if you have some hard ass freind who think they can take anything.