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Semi-Newbie Needs Hypertrophy Help


Hey everyone my name is Jeremy and im a 15 year old highschool baseball player. I'm currently "6'1" and weigh 140lbs...thin. I believe I'm a hardgainer because I eat a good amount of food(roughly 1000 calories every morning)... mainly clean and hardly gain weight.

I've been working out for around 12 weeks now 3 days a week. I've currently only gained around 1-2 lbs. of muscle if any. I'm just wondering if anyone can show me a good routine for building muscle mass.

All help appreciated


Any program will work if you work hard at it. Eating will be crucial. Eat a lot. Then eat some more.


I'm a skinny teenager too... I've just started Mark Ripptoe's Starting Strength program, which is supposed to help people put on 10 to 20 pounds very quickly.

However, Ripptoe doesn't mention anything about people who aren't mechanically built to squat and deadlift effectively. I'm 5'10", with shorter legs than my torso, so I'm good for squatting and deadlifting.

But since you're taller (and I assume you have longer legs) it might not be as helpful as John Berardi's Scrawny to Brawny because he directly addresses the problems associated with this bodytype.

You should probably buy one or both of those books to get a basic understanding of weight training.

Plus, eat a lot. Eating a big breakfast is a great start but you're going to need to to eat throughout the day as well, especially after your workout.

Edit: I hope I didn't sound like you shouldn't squat and deadlift. You need to! It's just that Berardi mentions the problems you'll face when you do, and has solutions.


It is not necessary to buy any books in order to start bodybuilding.

The OP just needs to eat more food and continue training hard.


That's true. I guess it's a personal thing, but I like to read all I can about it.


I think you should not read. I read a lot when i was just starting. And got nowhere. Then I started thinking, "I just need to lift heavier shit." AMAZING. It worked.

Fuck "not built to do this" or any other limiting mindset. Just do it.

Jim Wendler on the internet:


Jim wins! LOL

I have to agree with the others, eat big and lift big...progress with your lifts. You also have youth on your side here. GL!


I brought books when I was fairly new, Scrawny to Brawny and SS were included. I learnt alot and made good progress. Its a personal thing. These are good books.
I wouldn't go buy a book by Poliquin this early because he talks about tempo and unecessary shit. Even reading the latest stuff now by him would confuse the shit out of beginners.

To the OP. If you aren't gaining weight, just eat more. You might be eating alot already, but its the only way.


Boyscout's right. I probably read too much shit for my own good. Don't listen to me Jerminator.

Eat more. Lift more than you did last time. And sleep more.


Read some Dan John articles especially 5x5 variations and Lessons from Southwood, Otep's starting strength thread in the beginners section and the Westside for skinny bastard articles. These all give you tried and tested programs.