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Semi New Again... Stuck at 219


im 31 years old. used to weigh 255 lbs, almost 4 months ago, i have been doing some hardcore dieting and jogging and walking everyday faithfully, im now down to 219lbs. and it seems like im stuck here, i do my abs one time a week..... thats all the resistance training i do, should i do more to burn fat and lean down????

also i have been eating one bad day a week, sometimes 2 but only one bad meal..... should i stop this? last but not least are there legal supplements to help me on my journey to leaning down? i am not new to bodybuilding just havent been hardcore like this in a while.... just looking to get the right advice, thanks and godbless!!!


STart resistance training ASAP. It should be the base of your exercise with cardio being the after thought an add on. Resistance training will help hold onto and build lean mass cardio is catabolic by nature.

Well I say you can have a cheat meal or day. What does your diet consist of that will help us help you.

Id also suggest reading the beginner thread above and all the links it will help on all your questions

Supps?? HOT-ROX is great but get your training and diet in line First IMO



I hope you're joking. If not I'm wondering how you manage to breathe.


Grab those weights!! Personally, I've had better fat loss results using compound movements, heavy weights and short rest periods than from killing myself with all sorts of cardio & HIIT. Plus, if you haven't been lifting, it will give you the new stimulus you need to break your plateau.


Lifting has kept me leaner than cardio ever has. Don't get me wrong, cardio has it's merits, but lifting should NEVER be neglected.