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semi-keto diet and strength?

I have found that my body responds best to bulking/cutting cycles as apposed to gradually gaining pure lean mass. However in the past I have had big strength decreases when I diet down, the man in the calipers tell me I’m losing mostly fat but my strength drops like a rock. Awhile ago I did meltdown training for about 3 weeks, but I couldnt take the strength lose anymore.

my current situation is working with westide for skinny guys (baby steps into westside) and allready I’ve hit a PR of 264x4 in deadlift and my upper body seem to be responding well.

5’6"-145lbs-16/18%bf from my calipers

squat-estamate around 250
DL- 264x4 and felt strong!

I feel if I could cut 7-9lbs of fat my bf% would be much better for starting another bulking cycle and I am kinda tired of my little gut. COuld I start a VERy low carb high fat diet and keep my strength oriented training? I’ve gotten better at the bulk up and much of the fat was from my less educated first year of hard traing (was 115lbs 2 years ago) Thanks for any help

Many people on this forum seem to have had alot of success with the T-Dawg 2.0 diet which is a fairly low carb diet which is designed to retain strength/size as much as possible.

Heres the link:

Also, Hot-Rox is a fat loss supplement designed with retaining (perhaps even increasing) strength.

Good luck.

I’ve never heard of “semi-keto”.

CT has said he got good results at 125-150 g carbs per day. More or less took a toll on his strength and energy.

If you amino load on keto diets you’re strength will be okay.
Try Glutamine/BCAA’s and free aminos throughout the day and before/during/after the workout.
You can try 6 grams of Glut/BCAA stack between meals and about 4g free aminos.
It can get expensive so at least use before/during/after exercise at
18g/glut/Bcaa and 12g free aminos…

If you take the smaller dose between meals 3x/day results will be even better.

Give it a go.

Lifting heavy while cutting down is the only way to go in my opinion if you want to keep strenght up.

Go for a mod. carb. diet like the recomended T-dawg. Or even go for the dont diet diet.