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Semi-Beginner Introduction and Looking for Advice

I’m somewhat of a beginner, I am 30 years old, wasn’t interested in physical activity or sports of any kind until I was 24. At that age I was 350lbs, probably north of 35% body fat, and honestly probably would not have lived to 30 if I hadn’t changed. I started by seeking advice on a different site, which led me to go on my first diet. I went full Keto and calorie reduction for about 5.5 months, leading to me losing 115 pounds in that time very unhealthily, my hormones were all out of whack and I was insanely fatigued, I rapidly gained back about 50lbs of it which is where my real journey began. I started lifting heavy and eating right for about 6 months, was at 280ish with some decent strength but not really following a program.

At that point I stopped lifting for 4 years or so due to a very bad relationship, a health issue, and the death of my father which led to a downwards spiral of eating and severe depression.

I got over all this about 6 months ago and decided I wanted to take control of my life and not be a sad weak fat man anymore. I have been lifting fairly regularly, and despite a shoulder issue have made ok progress following a basic starter program which I followed somewhat.

I am really passionate about and looking to compete in both powerlifting and strongman now, looking to drop a little bit of weight to start and compete in a lower weight class, and was just looking for any basic advice regarding training and eating any more experienced guys in a somewhat similar situation might offer. I’m sure some here have gone from “fat sick and nearly dead” lol to fit and strong.

Current stats & relevant lifts:
Height 6’2"
Weight 272lbs
Body Comp - endomorph with some visible muscle
Cardio - not on point
Squat - 335lbs
Bench - 225lbs(the struggle is real)
Deadlift - 375 raw mixed and 405 w/ straps
Press - 155lbs
Row - 185lbs
Power Clean - 185lbs

Advice on a program? Should I stick with beginner 5x5 stuff or similar? My x5 lifts are probably all about 80-85% of those.

Good that you’re getting a handle on things. At that weight you still want to make fatloss your main priority until down to say 230ish.

Either of these will lean you out quick while still including heavy lifting…

Good diet guidelines here…

Thanks for the reply, will read all, current goal is to compete in the 105kg class for PL and SM, so 230ish was actually what I had in mind.

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Once you choose a program consider starting a log here. There’s plenty of experienced folks that’ll follow along and give advice if you ask and it helps you to keep accountable.

Ok cool, good luck

You’re like the librarian of tnation dude!

Do you even search, copy and paste this stuff or do you remember the links and type them direct?

Btw thanks. These are very handy for me also.

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Definitely will, thanks guys.

haha just have a crazy memory for random information