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Semi-Beginner Here- Busy Schedule


A bit Long IMO... sorry...

Ok, i think this may be my first post here although I've lurked for well over a year now. I'm not completely new to the lifting game, and I have read a lot of the articles on this site. Articles that pop into mind are the eating for growth and various training articles like the lactic acid training, new types of reps, perfect 10 workout, etc.

I'm 24, 167lbs, my $25 costco scale says I'm 13%body fat, been going to the gym on and off. I pretty much know the basics of free-weights, and I try to stick to only free weights when it's safe to do so.

I have done a lot of reading on proper form on several movements but have not actually had a personal trainer guide or train me in them (just spotters who have read the same articles and seem to know what to look for in proper form).

here's my daily schedule...
-Wake up - take a protein shake - get ready for gym
-1hr later - take a serving og NoExplode - hit the gym
I only have about 45 min max avail to work out at the gym, so I concentrate on movements such as squats, pull-ups, declined sit-ups with mid-movement twists, bent-over rows, twisting overhead dumbell presses, hammer curls, high-rep bench, and barbell curls. Usually followed by a short run on the treadmill of about 1 mile.
-get to work by 10am, eat breakfast at my desk (3eggs, ham, hash browns, toast, OJ)
-2hrs later take 1 serving of ON 100% whey
-2hrs later lunch (whatever we happen to decide to get at the office, I try to stay away from greasy stuff)
-3hrs later another serving of ON 100% whey
-1hr later snack
-class at 7pm til 945pm
-eat dinner at 10
-consume another serving of protein right b4 bedtime
-KO'd by 12~12:30

My goals right now are to just improve my pull-ups, situps, and get a good 3-mile runtime of around 20 min. the run just takes training, I know, but I am having trouble increasing my pullups. I've been doing as many as I can w/o assistance, then using the assistel pullup machine to get to a total of 20 reps. rest. repeat. 3 sets.

Any advice on my training? I don't do all the excersizes in one day, I try to rotate between muscle groups and concentrate on one area per day. lift 4 days a week, longer distance running 2 days, and rest 1 day. any advice or comments on my schedule? advice? Thanks!!

love the site too!


First off, it doesn't look like you eat enough real food. Supplements aren't meal replacements, even if they say they are. Nothing beats real food. Breakfast is the most important meal, and you're really skimping on it. You're just getting up on an 8 hour fast, and you're not priming your body for activity. Bad start to the day. Eat real food now.

Second, your workouts could easily be 45 minutes and get everything in. Cut the twists, as squats work out your midsection better than anything else. Eat your liquid meal after this. It's more bio-available: easy to absorb and takes less energy to digest.

Eat three more real meals after this.

Finish with a liquid meal including cottage cheese before bed. Metabolic Drive is way better than ON. Just saying. The slow digesting proteins will take you through the night, staving off catabolism.

Sleep a minimum of 8 hours. If you don't, you will fail at making gains.


I'm really limited to what I can eat for breakfast as far as real food goes. I guess I can get some fruit and bagels and eat that right when I get up? but I thought NoExplode needs to be taken on an empty stomach? or will an hour after eating a large bagel and some fruit be enough time? should I eat more before I workout? more after I workout? both?

I'm actually munching on food and snacks throughout the day, and my protein shakes are not meal replacements, they're just protein. I was actually using Muscle Milk for my morning and nighttime protein ingestion, but after reading more about it, I've decided to return my 2nd unopened 5lb bottle of it and exchange it for something else.

I don't think DiscountAnabolics sells Metabolic Drive though. Any recommendations on what to get with my credit?


I have to ask, are you limited in what you can eat for breakfast because of the NoXplode or for some other reason?

Also, are you just using the NoXplode for an energy boost? If so, there are other options (coffee).



Limited because I rent a room from a family, and don't have access to the kitchen. I basically eat out if I want cooked food.

As for the NoExplode, I've had a good experience with it in the past during my 7-month deployment last summer where I worked out almost every day, but the crazy hot weather in Africa didn't help much with weight gain. I'm basically using NoExplode for the creatine and the NO content. I seem to be able to get those last couple reps in more redily, and not be so worn out after each set.


The No Explode like almost any Nitric Oxide product is usually taken on an empty stomach for absorption purposes. Though I've also learned first hand that it can cause massive poopage as well if you don't wait long enough after you eat.


that's great... lol more time to read magazines while sitting on my throne.

So I picked up some bagels and I'll probably scarf down a bagel right when I get up along with some protein, wait an hr, then take the no explode. I'll see how that works out I guess.


eat some nuts during the day too if you like them, lots of reasonably good fats plus some protein. Dont get the salted ones though.

Sounds like you should develop ok, you've chosen the right kinds of exercises.


I thought NO products were pretty much bunk?


I don't know anything about NOExplode.

This site has a store. You know that, right?


That sucks.