Semi-Amusing Story/Leg Day

I just got home and figured I would write a novel about this funny thing that just happened to me.

I was driving home after dropping my gf off for the night and I got pulled over by a local township cop. The roads I had to drive on were really curvy considering I was passing through a semi-rural area. I knew the guy was out looking for “offenders” so I made sure I kept my speed in check ,but I didn’t give any thought to staying on my side of the road while I was fidgeting with the radio. Sure enough, the dark car following me happens to be that guy, and he must have had a huge boner when I swerved almost 5 inches.

So first thing he asks is how much I had to drink and told me that I crossed the double line a couple times. Ok, so I was just driving and playing with the radio…blah,blah…license and registration. He then comes back and asks me to step out of the car. Now I just squatted yesterday and did plyos and sprinting at baseball earlier in the day. I’m sore as testicles and I’m so excited to try and walk for this guy since I can barely sit down to crap. Anyhow, that goes as expected and he thinks I’m drunk because I’m walking like I have a black dildo in my ass.

I explained the situation, and he gave me a breathalyzer. So after about 30 minutes of craziness, I was let off with a warning for some traffic violation. Yes…this was a very long drawn out story, but the whole situation was pretty comical. Similar stories anyone?