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Semen Analysis: Zero Sperm

I had to go off TRT when swithcing docs last year. It was indeed a miserable experience. Think about how bad you felt in the first place - to make you seek treatment - and then imagine worse.

Glad you are back in business. Can you lay out exactly what your protocol was? Did you end up doing a SERM restart?

This post is to long for me to read the whole thing but I know the answer so I’m stopping by. Stay on T at 100mg a week, drop the HCG and add 50mg of Clomid. At a dose of 100mg a week of T and 50mg of Clomid you can accomplish normal HPTA function. Above that T does, even with the Clomid, you’ll be shut down to some degree. This is old school TRT before guys were using HCG. You’ll probably feel like crap from the Clomid but you’ll once again be functional. Give it three weeks and check FSH and LH. After “mission accomplished” drop the Clomid and go back on HCG. By the way cheap HMG is available. Google dude.

I have 1.8 million per mL after cessation of all TRT for 4 months. Question I face now is whether to hold on a month or two more in hopes of better numbers, or freeze what I have. My T level has been around 150 or so for about 4 months, and it will not surprise anyone that I am leaning towards freezing what I have and let the man upstairs determine whether that’s enough for me to have a bio kid or not. This is unbearable at times.