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Semantics and Superiority

Just a thought I had since I’ve been more active on here, as well as Reddit.

Why is everyone so caught up in phrasing, grammar, and choice of words? Dont get me wrong, I dont like to come off as an idiot, and to take someone seriously in a debate, there absolutely needs to be some semblance of grammatical fortitude and political correctness…

(Political correctness in the sense of objectively non-racist terms and the like, not… gender fluid or whatever the most recent term for a sexual orientation is.)

…but it seems that the entire credibility of someone with halfway decent ideas and a relatively calculated response is immediately either attacked or dismissed in a discussion if they dont proof read 3 times. Suddenly everyone in the conversation is too good for them or something. I could sit here all day on a thesaurus and use all of the over typed trite I want, but at the end of the day, I’m just a dude sitting on my couch in gym shorts putting off a much needed shower.

This really isnt a specific scenario, rather a general consensus of hundreds or thousands of posts.

Is this just a result of the digital age?

Hell half the time, this site lags out on my phone and I just cant be bothered to go back and correct all the mistakes, knowing they’re there.

I prefer people to speak simply, you can say a whole load of words without really explaining anything. It just bogs down the conversation with garbage no different than legislation.

This is in no means limited to virtual speech, I’m just curious about other peoples thought on the over-arching subject.

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I remember reading a report at work. After 2 pages, I thought who the fuck wrote this level of masturbationary shit? I go to the doc info pages and it was me a few years earlier :laughing:


Hell, at least that was career based. You kind of need to stroke the grammatical dong from time to time lol.

My jobs favorite thing is sending an email with a 4 page long explanation of what something is, with absolutely no indication of what it actually does. Then tag a 37 digit long part number at the end of it, and tell me to sell it.


Ok, irony aside, it’s because no one on the internet actually wants to have a discussion: it’s just about point scoring. Same thing when people rush to point out logical fallacies.


You missed “thought” spelled “though” in the third word lol.

But, I get it. I just dont understand how SO many people are caught up in such a petty game. “Grammer nazi” was funny in eight grade when there wasnt enough real world experience to actually discuss anything of value. Now people are discussing worldwide political affairs, with war tickling the horizon, involving multiple nations; and the stake you throw in the ground is about spelling? Or not fully grasping which subgroup of terrorists from a foreign entity is? Or you dont understand the history of said terrorist to the point of its literal inception however many decades or even centuries that is if we choose to take the religious roots to their start.

Like… I get it. Have your facts straight, but a VAST majority of these discussions have been peeled back to the most arbitrary corner for the sake of refusing to come to equal footing.

Its fucking wild, man.

*terrorist being an overly general term, I should really specify enemy. However this was simply a drawn out metaphor more than anything

woooobuddy I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had this dumped on me in here. another of my internet favorites is who can google links faster, that’s always fun.

I usually think that people that do this are new to the internet, especially the grammar nazis, they tended to be young high school or college kids but when I see grown ass men do it I tend to think they’re just stupid and not able to actually have a decent conversation.

I tend to free flow my thoughts on forums with no real structure… Others will call it word vomiting on a page :slight_smile:

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The internet allows people to give into their most annoying traits, desires, and compulsions. It also is a place in which people can one-up the next man, which is hard to pull off in real life with considerable frequency and noticeability. Writing ability is an area in which it can be done on the Internet.


You are actually one of my stems for this post. Dont get me wrong, about 70% of what you say makes my ass itch. That being said, I’ve seen you be attacked and completely disregarded because of either previous thoughts and posts, or just the general unstructured form of said posts. Which I dont think is fair, or mature in any way, shape, or form. You are capable of intelligent thought, and decent ideas, but people will completely throw it to the wayside for previous infractions, or the Chaos in which it was phrased.

I will give you, however, your ability to keep this place active. Which I honestly appreciate. It can get pretty dead sometimes.


Fucking hell, is it awful. Competitive nature is annoying. I’m trying to better myself mentally, financially, and physically strictly for myself. I have 0 desire to constantly need to impress people, or feel better than them. Validation is always nice, and complements make anyone feel good, but most of this subject is based around people literally being a bully to make themselves look intelligent and powerful. Dont talk about it, be about it, and whatnot.


There are some cases where poor wording and sentence structure may make it difficult to understand what the other person is trying to say.

But most of the time it seems like a way for people to get back at people that they don’t like.

I make an exception with business-related stuff or if you’re engaged in some serious subject matter. You should be thinking about what you wrote and put in the effort to make it as clear and simple as possible.

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Absolutely. In regards to business, especially working for a very large, albeit very personal corporation; involving hundreds of emails a day… there is very little patience for grammatically incorrect subject matter.

Likewise with applications, resumes, all other corporate exchanges, and even something as simple as trying to pick up a girl.

There is definitely a place. Just not… discussing simple subject matter with your peers regarding really mundane and objectively unimportant subject matter.

We spend so much of our lives having to be perfect for whatever company were work for; (not including obvious outliers like most manual labor and a lot of trades) it seems to be ridiculous to DEMAND perfection when talking about… I dont know… lifting fucking weights maybe…? I kid, kind of.

Eh, word choices. It’s like that saying “You can make some people happy some of the time, but a watched clock never boils.”.

P.T. Barnum

Welders are the worst for this. They’ll make up brand new words for shit right there on the spot. It’s bininglets.

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I think this applies to everyone in general these days. Everyone is divided. If you say “I believe in the right to own guns” to a liberal, that’s it, it’s over for you. Nothing else you say will matter and everything will be framed through the lens of “this guy is a lunatic conservative” and they will begin to formulate opinions of who you are as a person based on that view. It goes the same way in the other direction; tell a conservative you believe in a woman’s right to choose and boom you’re forever a snowflake communist and nothing else you say, even if it makes sense to them it won’t make a difference.

I dealt with this in the very first post I decided to make on the off topic section when immediately someone labeled me an incel and from there I had to either choose to claw back upwards or say fuck you. We know which direction I decided to go.

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You do that. I don’t.

Semantics, semantics.

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First of all, let’s define what it means to be “mobbed” by people within an ideological and/or political context.

If you are mobbed by people on a widely used social media platform when you write reasonable, potentially triggering political statements, you will see people with extremist views doing the mobbing, often belonging to the same political faction. This is basic math. There are sufficient numbers of people from an extremist faction using such a platform to do the mobbing.

It is what we call an “outrage mob”.

If you are “mobbed” by people in a forum such as t-nation where people are people are mostly centrist, some of whom lean left, while some may lean right, and have had prior exchanges with one another regarding issues they do not agree about, this is not what you call an “outrage mob”.

It simply means that most normal people on both sides have come to an independent conclusion that they don’t agree with you.


Now, on the subject of “semantics”, you will need to take the person in question into consideration.

If he is one who frequently backtracks, moves goalposts, lies about his previous posts even though his previous posts are quoted in their entirety, rehashes arguments which have been debunked and pretends they never happened when his previous posts are quoted in their entirety…

People who have had prior exchanges with him are going to check his use of words because of the expectation that he will do the above. It was the same thing with a Far Left Socialist guy who was previously posting on this side. But, unlike the guy here, he NEVER played the victim card by screaming that everyone was out to get him.


People can be dicks when they are not accountable. Imagine correcting a stranger in real life on their spelling or grammer…just wouldn’t happen. The internet though its full of brave scholarly warriors.

I like to think of forums as cyber pubs. If you wouldn’t say it to someone in a pub then don’t say it in here.


Ok ok, maybe a FEW are like, but the VAST majority are completely different.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s all just a CRAZY delusion of mine.

Hah! Yeah right.

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