Semaglutide Rebound Weight

Not sure if this belongs in TRT or Pharma or Off Topic, but I’ll go with Pharma and let mods decide.

Started up Semaglutide injections last week (UGL) and didn’t notice a real effect from .25mg (minimum dose) so I pinned another .25mg a half-week later. Found a significant reduction in hunger and will likely stay with the 2x injection per week protocol.

Have been reading into Semaglutide in long-term results and studies show most people regain a significant portion of weight back… mind you I don’t exactly look like the average Semaglutide user, so I don’t anticipate degrading into a Rascal-Driving Land-Whale. I’m just using it to help get me leaned down 15-20lbs.

Anyways, it makes sense why rebound weight occurs in most of these cases, because it’s mostly given to tubbies who never changed lifestyle habits. Given that isn’t the case here - are there any factors that one would incur rebound weight after stopping Semaglutide, assuming they continued to eat/live healthy?

If rebound weight is unavoidable regardless of lifestyle changes, it makes sense to overshoot on the cut so that the rebound lands me where I want to be… how much should I overshoot?

Most people who successfully lose weight gain it back over time.

I think your key to success is to treat the sema like a tool. Use it to get lean, but ensure that you are able to eat sustainably at the maintenance weight you want.

That is the rub of it IMO. People who lose weight with methods that are unsustainable for them, gain it back.

Many people are drawn to fast results. The diets that produce the fastest results are often the least sustainable. Keto works quickly, but not many can eat like that long term. So they go off, and gain it back.

I’d say always undershoot a goal weight. Water comes back when normal eating starts. That can be 8ish lbs. So, I’d undershoot by about that much.