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Selling Size 12 VS Athletics Shoes


Is anyone in the 5 Boroughs (NY) looking for a pair of size 12 VS Athletics shoes (1.25" heel)? I never realized I could return them, and got them to big (it says "runs true to half-sizes"), which I didn't realize 12 corresponds to a size 12.5 in normal shoes (like chucks), and gotta buy a 11.5. I paid $99.5 After shipping, and if I could get at least half that, I'd be happy. If you live in the 5 boroughs, I'll PERSONALLY DELIVER them if we can meat in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or the Bronx. I ain't riding no ferry, f*** SI.

They're a bit scuffed and the nice black film (cosmetic) is coming off the sole, but besides that, they're in pretty great condition.