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Selling/Parking Domains


I'm constantly striving for ways to make money. When I'm not at work, working out, or spending time with friends and family, I am usually on the computer researching ways to get more money.

I've delved into sites like cashcrate.com where you take surveys for money, but it isn't too promising because it take so much time just to make even a few bucks.

Now I'm interested in creating, selling, and parking domain names.

Creating them is easy.

Selling them on a site such as sedo.com is even easier.

However, the great thing is parking. You can park sites for free and let people advertise off of them. Every time an advertisement gets clicked, you get paid. I think that's awesome. I'm buying .coms that I will never use but while they are vacant I can park them and earn money.

Sites likes these


They're all for sale but those people have parked them so that when you click on advertisements they get paid.

I'm really just curious to see if anyone has made some substantial money doing this. If so can you offer any good tips?


I thought I posted this in the Get a Life forum. Mods can you please move this there. Thanks.


you seeing any dividends from it? what kind of cash are you getting?


Started yesterday. I mean I will update this thread week to week, and showcase any earnings I make, if people want. I think it's an industry many people do not know about but those that do make some serious money.

If you interested check out sedo.com and see how much some domains go for. A lot are idiodic names pulling in a couple hundred bucks and the website 70.com is being auctioned off with the highest bid at $51,000.


alright thanks i'm definitely gonna check it out. clicked a few of the talkstrength site's ads haha


What a life.


Was that sarcastic?


Haha thanks bro. If you have some extra time on your hands it's really pretty quick and simple to do. Sites like GoDaddy.com will allow you to but domain names.


ok i was gonna PM you about this but I'll just do it here since this thread is dedicated to it.
What info/money/etc do i need to start? This is something for me as I multitask like a mofo on the computer when I'm sitting behind it. Definitely need moar monies.
Where/how does one create domains?
Just point me in the right direction plz. Feel free to PM me if you choose to do so


It was sarcastic, but I didn't really intend it as a personal jab. Just, it's not the life for me.


does the site you buy from help to put ads on there? how does that work? and if you visit your own site and click, do you get paid?


There are some companies that all they do is research and park domains to sell it back to starting companies, businesses etc... In the past I started a few small businesses and had to change names several times because of the billion website names that are already parked/exists.

There are lots of pay per click companies that pay out. The only way you can really make good side income is if you have a popular site (like T-Nation), and encourage its user to support the site by clicking on the sponsors (or paypal donations). Back in high school I had a site that generated 15K/unique users and made average $500/month just from pay per click. Yes that wasn't much but back in high school it was like my allowance :smiley:


What's not the life for you, lifting?, chilling with your friends? having a job? or trying to make money?

I'm a college student, it's my summer, I have a lot of free time. I'd rather try to make money than watch TV.

I also hang out with firends/family, and work out over my making money ventures, but seriously people get put down for trying to get big/strong and now for trying to make money. What a load of shit.


It's pretty simple to figure out. For instance I bought my sites through GoDaddy.com. Sedo.com is who provides the parking on my site. You have to go into your website account and change the server settings to forward you URL to sedos parking. They will tell you how to change it on the site. Once you do that you just need to wait around for clicks.

Look at it this way though. Your main purpose is to sell your domain name. Parking is a way to make some extra cash while your site is vacant otherwise it would just sit around doing nothing.

Your going to have to be patient with this because you need traffic to your site to get those clicks, but if you can advertise properly you'll do pretty well and who couldn't use some extra cash even it's only a couple hundred bucks, anything helps.

It's iternet realestate. You buy it market it and overtime it becomes more and more valuable.


Does cash crate pay through paypal as well? How much are average payouts for someone who has a good bit of free time?


Austin, I wouldn't even bother explaining myself to somebody like this.

Anyway, do you need to pay for hosting as well at this point? I imagine getting traffic to a website with nothing but ads on it pretty close to impossible unless you post the links here or something. I've spent a fair bit of time and money trying to find ways to make money online, haven't really suceeded though.

I heard of people buying and selling domains, and in some cases they make huge and easy profits, but its not very consistant.


Interesting stuff. I'm guessing the revenue during parking will usually be pretty minimal, but there's no doubt you can make a shitload selling domains. You mentioned 70.com.... that useless crap (in my opinion) jumped up to $55,000 and still has 35 hours left until the auction ends.

Question: Does a buyer have to prove available funds before they place a bid on an open auction?


lol, well, you have to admit the opening line of your original post is a bit humorous in that it gives the impression that your life revolves around making money. Of course I'm not saying that your life does... I don't know you that well. All I meant by saying that "it's not the life for me" was that a life that revolves around money isn't for me. I'm not putting you down for wanting to make money.

I too am a college student--well, a graduate student--and funny enough this summer I have a lot of free time since I'm not working. I spend most of my free time continuing to do the same sort of research I do during the school year. I mainly read and write. Of course I do other things as well--lift, hang out with friends, etc.

I'm just not very concerned about making money. As long as I have enough money to maintain some minimal standard of living and a job that makes me happy, I'm fine.

Out of curiosity, what do you plan to do with all your money? Money is never an end, only a means.


"somebody like this"? Thin skin, take yourself too seriously?

Not everyone dedicates their life to material success.

Besides, I was just making a joke about how hedonistic sounding the opening line of this thread was... I never asked for an explanation.


They pay by check. The minimum payout is 20 dollars. It is easy to hit that if you do 2 research surveys per month which pay 80 cents per survey. The money in this is very limited and also lies within referals. If you get people to join you make 20% of what they make. I'm just not that dedicated to makeing a few bucks and spending all that time.