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Selling My Home Gym

I’m considering selling my home gym equipment. I can use the space in my basement and have been constantly needing more equipment year after year that I can’t fit or afford. If I sell off my stuff I can use some of the money for a gym membership and the rest for food/supps.

I’m in the New York area (Brooklyn, to be more exact) and I’m creating this thread to see if anyone is interested. If people seem to be interested we can chat and make something happen.

This is what I have:
-1 power rack from NYbarbell
-1 lat machine with both high and low pullies from NYbarbell (olympic plate loaded)
-1 power tower / wide grip pull station, knee raises and dips
-2 olympic plate dumbell handles with spin lock collars
-2 bowflex dumbells (5-52.5lbs)
-1 bench that goes upright/flat/incline/decline and inbetween
-1 cheap modells incline/decline/flat bench
-1 olympic barbell (I’m not sure how much its rated to hold, but its definitly over 500lbs)
-2 45’s, 4 35’s, 10 25’s, 4 10’s, 4 5’s and 2 2.5’s olympic weight plates (total 545lbs)
-1 100lbs heavy boxing bag
-1 professional speed bag with 3 speed bags (about a 2 inch thick drum)
-1 upright bike

If anyone is interested in anything, feel free to reply. Everything is in working condition and good shape (the cheap bench’s fabric under the seat is wearing down). If anyone wants photos let me know.

Like I said, I’m not entirely sure that I will sell my stuff but I’m seriously considering. I’m using this thread to gauge interest first before I possibly attempt to create ads on craigslist or ebay. Thanks guys.