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Selling my grip strength implements


I'm about 45 min N. of Charlotte, NC if anyone wants to pick these up. Otherwise I can send them. PM me your email and I'll send you pics of equipment.

Euro pinch replica- fully adjustable width, made by Scott George, this is what's used in grip contests. $225 + shipping.

Bending stock- this is the perfect benders bag for someone getting into the sport. There's enough here to keep you busy and let you progress towards a bending cert. $90 shipped.

40d pole barn- 40 count
shiny 40d- 22
timber ties- 41
galvanized 40d- 30
shiny 60d- 17
Morton dull 60d, I got these from Dave Morton, they're the toughest 60d nails I've ever bent- 65
Ironmind Red Nails- 6
FBBC 1/4" x 7"- 6
FBBC 1/4" x 6"- 19
FBBC 1/4 x 6.5"- 4
grade 5 bolts, 1/4" x 6"- 50
grade 8 bolts, 1/4" x 6"- 15
3/8" x 8" carriage bolts- 7
square steel, 1/4" x 7"- 3
3/8" HRS 10-12"- 10
a couple 3/8" spikes
G 911 bolt, 14" x 6"- 1
also various pre kinked nails and bolts
Ironmind bending pads

Smooth sided Olympic weight plates for pinching/hub lifting:

Pair of 25s, York style, pinch these for reps, curl em if you can! $145 for both (50lbs total) shipped.

Pair of York 35s, smooth sided, "York 35" on one side. Perfect for building up to the 2 x 45lb pinch. See how many times you can plate hula these! Super wide hub, I have never been able to hub lift one of these, but have come close, it would be a fun challenge. Both (70lb total) for $175 + shipping

Pair of Bullard deep well 45s, these are wide, so they're extra hard to pinch. Classic hub is perfect for hub lifting. These 45s are the closest things I've seen to the York deep well 45s. Both (90lb total) for $240 + shipping.


1", well seasoned, $30 + shipping
1.5", $35 + shipping
2" (ODM pipe), $45 + shipping

Titan's telegraph key, $75 shipped