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Selling My Fitness Library


Hey T-Nation,
Selling part of my library for trip I've been wanting to take

Here is an abbreviated list:

Charles Staley
2003 and 2004 Boot Camps Total of 12 Videos plus 3 bonus videos
Science of Martial Arts Training

Matt Furey
Gama Fitness
5 Newsletters from Inner Circle
10 Cd's from inner circle
Combat Conditiong
Combat Abs
3 Videos

Relax into Stretch
Mel Siff
Facts and Fallacies about Training

Bill Pearl
Keys to the Inner Universe
Getting Stronger

Captain Crusher

Steve Justa
Rock, Iron, Steel

John Brookfield
Grip Master

Brian Grasso
Core Conditiong Manual and DVD

Evan Osan
Functional Conditioning 2 Manuals

Lightning Jui Jitsui
USMC JJ Manual
Teddy Roosevelt and JJ

Spartan Health Manual

Looking for $340 plus shipping for all. There is more
as well. What I have fits in large home depot box
dimensions. 24x20x20 inches

I have paypal.

Thanks very much. Hope all had a good weekend.