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Selling My Dragging Sled


I'm selling my dragging sled, I don't really use it that much and the gym I want to join has them. I'd take $50 for it, plus shipping if it needs to be shipped. I will take a pic when I go over to my dad's later. It looks almost exactly like the one that elitefts.com sells.


here's the pic.


Yo I'm defintly interested this is for real right, I've been thinking about trying to create a makeshift one, but this would be much better. Just want to make sure this isn't a scam. I guess message me about the details, whether you want a check/money order or what and I can send you the address to ship to. Hope this works man. Thanks


haha its not a scam dude, I have been a member here since like 2001. PM me.