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Selling Kids to France for Organs


Maybe I'm missing something here, but did this really happen? How did the French charity think they would kill these kids and harvest their organs with no explanation of origin? Perhaps this is just the first one that got stopped, and it's happened many times before. Do these kids know they're going to be butchered?


I am sure the kids were going to be adopted and the charity was going to pocket a hefty adoption fee. The selling for organs thing is rEEEdiculous.


I believe the Chadian authorities arrested them because it's - allegedly - part of a pedophile ring. Sure haven't heard of this killing thing.


I imagine it's bullshit.

I lived in Guatemala for two years and there existed an intermittent paranoiac hysteria about rich Americans and Europeans "buying" or "stealing" Guatemalan children in order to harvest their organs.

On almost a monthly basis, angry mobs would beat to death some young american/european couple who were traveling with their newly-adopted (legitimate) child or baby.

Suspicion runs deep there I guess. Same with Chad, perhaps.