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Selling Game You Shot


Anyone know anything about selling surplus game? I imagine it's illegal, but so is prostitution and there's tons of hoes on Craigslist looking to trade a 'date' for a donation.

Could I advertise Venison in exchange for a donation to my gas tank? Recommended donation is $8/lb?


Lol, you'll make a good member of the House of Representatives.


Are you in Donna Edwards district?!?!? I need your help if you are !!


HELL NO...I'm in Carroll Country.


We've got like the only Republican in MD...


I know its illegal here, as well as pretty much anywhere I believe. Some states tout some pretty steep penalties for it I think. I usually donate mine to the local children's home. They have a drive for that every year.


Invest in a deep freeze freezer.


Stop shooting stuff you can't eat, you Bambi-killing MONSTER.


Just for the record, you dont shoot Bambi, you shoot Bambis mom.


Wouldn't Bambi be more tender, like veal?


Well, I dont know about the US but in these here parts you are not allowed to shoot baby animals.

Plus, its in the movie.


Except for wild boars.

Them you can shoot all you want.

You just wont because they are as clever as disease ridden.


Well, I certainly wouldn't go around shooting someone's MOM, you MONSTER.


Of course you would not.

You could not hit a moving target if your life depended on it.


We don't know that. I might be really good at it. I probably am, being keen of sight (with my glasses on) and steady of stance, and all.


I don't know if you could do it but maybe try selling a spent shell casing or arrow for the equivalent of what the processed deer would be, then throw in the venison as a bonus.


I CAN eat it...I just want to make a buck...


I'll buy some from you! My schedule is all fucked up right now and I might not be able to get out there to kill it myself. IIRC, we are practically neighbors.


It is very illegal. I would only do it by word of mouth, if I were to do such a thing.

And Bambi is tender, very tender.


Oh Gabby. :frowning:

I had veal last night and was thinking about you murderers. I think if Bambi were breaded, fried, and slathered with tomato sauce and mozzarella, I would wolf it down with a side of pasta, as I did last night, and as I have cruelly done to both Chicken Little and several eggplants I've seen wandering around in that condition.