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Selling Fingers


You heard right! Fingers for sale! Any of the bottom 3 fingers on my left hand are for sale. Pinky, ring finger and the middle finger aka "The Infamous digit".
This is most certainly not a joke. By Wednesday February the 11th I will have exhausted all other legal means to secure the $2500 I need to not lose my house at the end of the month.

So here's hoping that of the many people from different backgrounds who frequent here someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

Google did not yield any useful results for "how to sell your fingers".

Also on the table:
1 ear (right or left)

Toes (take your pick)

1 testicle (right or left)

Upper lip

Pretty much any organ that I have 2 of

Blood O-Negative (lots)



I find this unlikely


Just go to the local park and give 50 handjobs for 50 bucks a pop, you lazy fuck.


how much for the wang?


So how much did you get for your brain?


Assuming this is not a troll job, you should know that it is against the law to sell body parts, even after you are dead. With that in mind, and if still undeterred by the thought of committing an illegal act, then why not commit a crime that will not leave you disfigured for life.

I'll bet a young, strapping lad such as yourself could make 2500 bucks easy as a male prostitute. Sure, the old bung-hole might be sore for a couple days, and you might have to spend a few bucks on Listerine to get rid of the taste of cock, but hey, at least you'd still have your house, and your fingers, AND your upper lip.

And who knows? You might even enjoy it.



varq is speaking from experience here so pay attention.



You are such a bung-hole.


A scatological fixation huh? Well...be safe.


What's the difference between scatology and eschatology?

Only one of them deals with bullshit that actually exists.


Not bad.


Challenge that guy you boxed a few years ago to a $2,500 death match.

Either way your problems are solved.


You have a mind like a steel trap.


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Wow, you are a fun guy. Many lols.


Well, it's crunch time. Wat do?


If you're going to try to make quick cash from clinical trial urban myths, you might as well go for the most lucrative one: you can make up to $500,000 if you let qualified MDs stop your heart for 50 seconds. There is a silver lining to the amputations; they re-attach everything (or try to).


Must have taken the advise for in the park and made the money, since he still has all fingers could have did two at a time so it goes faster!