Selling an Off Brand Sounds System

Hey, so through a series of trades and a house-mate parting/split-up one of the things I’ve ended up with is an iCinema Surround iHD 500 seven piece surround sound system.

This is one of those systems associated with the White Van Speaker Scams: if you’re not familiar.

Looks like these guys are selling on Amazon for a couple hundred $$$s.

I’d like to get at least $100 for it. Put an ad on Craigslist with a picture, basic description and saying “still in box”, which it is.

Got an inquiry today, guy acted like I was trying to scam him once he noticed the brand (even though it’s in the posting title clear as day).

Any one have any advice on how to sell these things? From what I can tell they’re an okay sounds system… they work, they got large speakers, and for $100, if I were in the market… doesn’t sound like a bad deal…

Does the “still in box” claim drive people away? Would it be a more credible sell if I opened it up, tested it out, and sold it as “used and working” rather than “new and still in box”?


I want it.

Donate them to Goodwill and take the deduction on your taxes.

iCinema box, is Sony guts. For you, $200. Going out of business.

[quote]boatguy wrote:
iCinema box, is Sony guts. For you, $200. Going out of business.[/quote]

Wish was serious…

I’d actually keep the stuff, but the one major thing the system is lacking is an optical audio… so it’s not good for me.

I had in on craigslist for $200, had a guy offer $100, it was a done deal, about to meet him, get an email saying he did ‘research’ on it, and changed his mind…

…then tried to play it like he’d figured out my ‘scam’ and how could I both assure him it worked, and claim that it was new, in the box, never opened…