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Selling an Inzer Max DL and a Titan Lever Bench Belt

Hey folks,

I’m cleaning out some equipment I don’t use, and I have the following for sale.

Inzer Max DL (Single Ply) Size 37. Used once a week for approximately 6 weeks leading up to a meet. It’s in incredible shape. Check Inzer for exact sizing, but it’s good for someone lifting at about 242. Retails at $145, I’ll sell it for $60.

Titan Toro Lever Bench Belt, Size Large. Excellent shape, almost brand new condition. Retails for $50, I’ll sell it for $30.

All prices are delivered, and I accept paypal. Shoot me a PM if interested.

I also have a few pairs of barely used Inzer Z knee wraps, 2 meter, and a some Titan THP’s in 2.0M that are barely used as well. I’ll sell any pair of wraps for $5 + shipping. Great if you need an extra pair of wraps, these things are in awesome shape.

Inzer Z wraps and the bench belt are gone!