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Selling Advocare?


Anybody tried this line of products? Or gotten involved in the business?


Just looked at the website. REALLY overpriced stuff - wouldn't even consider it.

Their equivalent of Surge:

Obviously nobody's stopping you from getting anything from Advocare, but it looks like a huge waste of money to me.


My husband actually just started selling Advocare. He is into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and had heard of the athlete endorsements and the gains that others had made.
For a membership/distributorship of $50 a year, you can get your own products at 20% off and if you decide to really work the business you can build to a 40% discount.


I am using the energy drink right now, but am about to do the weight loss program then move onto the muscle building. I am in karate, so I want to slim down a bit before I start building up! The product endorsers are major sports figures, you should really read their testimonials...Drew Brees is a big one, who I didn't know who he was cause I don't follow sports so much!


Typical multi-level marketing junk - overpriced stuff, the goal being to sign up other people, annoy your friends and family etc. Like Amway.

Me thinks this thread is spam.


You don't have to sign up and sell stuff to use their great products. My husband has been supplementing with their product and lifting for a week and is already seeing definition that he didn't have before. His energy is increased and he is lasting longer at his jiu jitsu class without tiring. Results speak volumes.


...but wait there's more!!


Please take your propaganda elsewhere.


A free Ginsu knife?!


if you browse our page in the next 10 minutes, not only will I include an order of Advocare Slam- Octane Orange, but I'll include my personal favorite bottle of Catalyst for muscle tone.


My wife has had a stomach virus for a week, and she is seeing weight loss and more tone than ever before. You too should try this great virus. You don't have to be a salesman to know that this product really really works. Our laboratory experts have finally made BREAKTHROUGH STEPS in RAPID WEIGHT LOSS and almost TERRIFYING GAINS in muscle definition. For just 3 easy payments of $19.99 you too can experience this wonder of science.



Their "Surge" product...
Over $3 per serving for THIS???

Soy protein powder, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), chromium, casein(modified), medium-chain triglycerides, creatine, gamma-oryzanol, vanadium (vanadyl sulfate), calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium, eleuthero root, carbohydrates

Maybe after I win the lottery! On second thought, it's full of soy, so maybe after I get a sex change operation... AND win the lottery.


WOW! For a whole WEEK you say! Yeah, it must be the supplements. 8^P


a trainer at work was trying to sell this stuff, made me shake my head.

companies like this just scream low-quality and rip-off for some reason. I'm very skeptical when it comes to supplements though.