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Selling a Car


won a car in a golf tournament over the weekend and wanting to sell it. What is the best way to go about this vs just put it on Craigslist?

If someone wants to do a test drive or take it to their mechanic to check it out what do I do there? simply go with them to make sure they dont steal it or take a copy of their license or something?

If someone wants to pay me i Cash to we go to the bank directly so they can make sure the cash is legit?

any help is welcome.



Have you looked into any of these?


You could try stripping naked and holding a sign that reads "will put clothes back on if you buy my car" and see what happens.


If you won a car at a golf tournament then I'm assuming its brand new from a dealership?
Why would someone need to take it to a mechanic?
Or the eBay one.

You have tons of options.
You've never sold a car before?


Offer car on ebay and autotrader.

Keep %30 of the proceeds set aside for taxes.

If they want to take it for a test drive, make sure the car is insured and make a copy (take a pic) of their insurance card and drivers license.


So...that's a no on the stripping thing?

Look, I keep throwing 'em but you keep missing them. I'll keep my great ideas to myself if that's how it is......


If you haven't taken ownership of the car yet, then tell the dealership that you'd rather have cash.

Keep in mind you'll have to pay taxes either way


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I have nothing to say to help you in this thread. Congrats on a nice win- what kind of car?


If only...


Thanks for the help, its actually a used car that I won that was donated to the tournament from a local dealer that didn't really offer a cash option, he literally handed me the keys and title on the spot and I drove it home.


Just take it to another car lot and sell it to them, then.

Used car dealerships do buy cars. In fact, thats how they get them.