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sell old term papers..

hey guys, i know i sound like an advertisement but i figured if some of you guys have thesis papers, term papers, just plain old essays, etc. that theres a website that you can submit them to and they give you royalties for each essay of yours that you sell. i’ve had 3 of my essays on there for a couple months and none of them have sold for like a couple months but i checked my email today and found that one of em sold. and since they determine the price of the essay. (out of my 3 essays, the highest is $75, and the lowest i think is like $40) anyways, they give you $10 when you submit your first paper and 50% of each essay of yours that they sell. if you’re interested, go here www.academon.com/cgi-local/rlnk.cgi?a=chrismcljr

yes, i know, it seems like doing something like this is spineless and ball-less. but when you’re as broke as i am, you’d do almost anything for money, even selling essays that i put my hard work into.

You’ve started down a very, very dangerous path, my friend. Next thing you know, you’ll be smokin’ pole for crack.

or contributing to online plagarism, which is threatening our entire education system?

Or you could learn the meaning of the term “ethical”…

I think I may have found a Hot-Rox fund. Now I don’t have to do that armed-robbery thang.

see, poohbaya understands. its all about priorities, if you don’t have access to your priorities because you don’t have access to money. you simply make access to money whether it be unethical, immoral, or even contributes to plagarism in schools. its all good.

Poohbaya said that tongue in cheek.

“you simply make access to money whether it be unethical, immoral, or even contributes to plagarism in schools.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re right in that it’s all about priorities. Unfortunately, yours are very screwed up.

Chris no offense but I think Poohbaya was making a crack at u… morally its incorrect… Why would you want to sell a term paper, Thesis paper, essay of your own writting and have someonelse copy it… For a fee… It your A or what ever grade that you got… And just to think that your selling to someone that can’t write but so what I made $40 on a paper… Now he gets an A from your paper… like DocT says “ethical”…

That’s pretty lame. As a student, I dispise your kind.

the fact that you had to come up on here posting about it, already shows some sort of admission of guilt on your part…just pointing that out. i could give a shit whether you sell your papers or cupcakes to college kids…

“the fact that you had to come up on here posting about it, already shows some sort of admission of guilt on your part”

so i’m assuming the same goes for everybody on the board asking for advice on their next cycle? considering the fact that unprescribed steroids are just as illegal as opium, i think selling a couple old essays is small peas in comparison. which brings up the priorities discussion again. doct mentioned having priorities messed up, well theres a prime example. even though i don’t necessarily practice what i preach, i’m just playing the devil’s advocate to make some of you think.

Kid, your constant attempts at justification aren’t helping.

But, but, but they’re doing STEROIDS!!

There’s a huge difference between illegal and unethical. What you’re doing is both legal and unethical. You’re contributing to the dumbing down of kids who would use that site for plagiarism.

You have every right to do it. We also have every right to tell you how wrong it is, despite your attempts at convincing yourself.

your analogy to 'roid users is irrelevant. i dont know where youre going with that one.

but relax, you missed the point of my innocent little remark. as i said, im not judging you as i could care less who you sell your papers to…and shouldnt feel the need to justify your priorities or ethics to a bunch of people on a messageboard. do you.

And we wonder why America is falling behind other countries in academics…

I’m currently waiting to hear back from one last law school. At first I was frustrated knowing that there was someone who probably bought one of these things and will get in before me. Then I remembered that nobody who is sad enough to send one in or buy one to use could write a paper as well as I did or get into any of the schools I will get into.

This whole system is for lazy idiots…and in my book you have just listed yourself among them.

Uh oh, ethical debates never turn out well. Still I figure I’ll throw in my two cents.

If I write a paper and I own the copywrite on it. I can choose to sell it to whomever I please. If I sell it to T-mag and they post it as an article that’s considered a good thing. If I sell it to a website who then sells it to students that’s considered a bad thing.

However, I have done nothing wrong. I have sold the rights to my paper, whether all or some of them, to someone and that’s my business and there’s nothing unethical about it.

If someone buys my paper there’s nothing unethical about that. Any more than if they purchased a copy of T-mag that contains my paper in article form.

It’s only when they use my paper without giving me credit that anything unethical occurs. That immorality lies not with me but with the person who chooses to commit plagary. Perhaps those people buying papers are doing so for legitimate reasons. . .

Well, we know that the vast majority of them aren’t but still the onus is not on me, I’ve done nothing illegal or unethical in selling intellectual property that I own.

While I’ve never sold a paper it’s more because I’ve never been approached to do so and I’m not actively seeking out such a source of income. Regardless the person who chooses to sell the paper is doing nothing wrong and should not be chastised for it.


So…selling someone a gun who you know will use it for some misdeed is OK?

…how about over-serving them alcohol at a bar, (hey if they want to drive it’s not my problem…)

“Grub first, then ethics”

~ Bertolt Brecht

doc, did i say i was justifying it? no, i just said that some of you flaming me for this shouldn’t be talking about ethics and such because some of you are doing things just as unethical. and then you’ll come back and say “its not unethical its just illegal,” well it all depends on perspective. you see selling old essays on the internet wrong and unthinkable, i see it differently. yeah, i know its wrong, but its income. hookers (most of them) know what they’re doing is wrong but its income.

also, cory said that this is the reason why the american education system is so far behind other countries. dude, you don’t have to live in the US to be able to access the website. anybody in the world can pay for and plagarize any of the essays on that website and all of the other essay websites. and just because i’ve decided to put my essays to work for me makes me a lazy idiot? i don’t see the correlation between the two. and consider that this WHOLE education system is for lazy idiots then that must make you a lazy idiot yourself…a lazy idiot trying to get into law school.

All I know is that at my old school, if you’re caught selling your old essays/term papers and/or buying essays/term papers to turn them in as your own, you’ll be expelled under the Honor System. (My old school had only one sanction: expulsion with no possibility of ever coming back)

The very fact that you’re considering this indicates that you’re not all that smart or creative. Thus, your papers probably won’t sell anyhow.

  1. Thanks chrismcl. As a university instructor, I’ll add this site to our anti-plagiarism web database.

  2. If your papers are as poorly written as your posts, you may have discovered why you’ve sold only one paper.