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Selkow Pull Up Routine


Selkow pull up routine says this

"Take the number of reps that you can do at this current moment while leaving a rep or two in the â??tank,â?? subtract two reps (depending on training age), and divide that into the number 20 (total to be performed). Thatâ??s how many sets you should start with.

X @ (90â??95%) - 2â??4 / 20 = y (for you math geeks)

In other words, I grab the bar and pull out nine reps, leaving 1â??2 in reserve. I then subtract four reps because Iâ??ve been training for a while and just now want to add pull-ups to my menu. So now I have five reps, and I need to do four sets in order to get to 20 total reps in this workout."

I have 2 questions,

  1. Would you do 4 sets of 5 in that situation or would you do as many reps as you can until you get to 20 reps.

  2. How should I progress in a month do I max out again and re adjust?