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Self-TRT Protocol Suggestion?

I’ve decided to turn my back on the medical industry and take matters in to my own hands after getting duped by yet another overpriced endocrinologist and at the advice of my general practicioner (who have no power to prescribe testosterone or SERM as of this year). Tomorrow I’ll be ordering 10ml of 200mg/ml testosterone ethantate or propionate. I will be skipping the hcg/SERM monotherapy approach because I want results fast. I’m 25 and intend to have children someday, but after feeling like crap for so long I’m taking the ‘yolo’ approach. I might attempt PCT and SERM monotherapy much later on, once I change my life around. So, can someone suggest a protocol for me based on my figures? I was considering 50mg E3D, should I consider HcG, arimidex, aromasin?

With T alone you are putting your fertility at risk. hCG if you can get that.
50mg T cyp/eth twice a week
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections
250iu hCG SC EOD

See the protocol for injections sticky.

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In regards to hCG, should I start using it straight away? If I understand correctly, it will take a few weeks for my testes to shut down production, so possibly starting it at once could give me supraphysiological levels of testosterone? Most places suggest 0.25mg arimidex, is there any risk with using this drug long-term?

With TRT guys, increases in T from hCG are modest. Major variable is age. Also, were you primary or secondary.

You have ?6? threads now, so its impossible for me to understand your case or for you to easily review suggestions that I have provided over almost three years. It is best to keep one thread. If you need new attention, do that in the old thread and then also create a new thread introducing the new concern, briefly, then provide a link to the new post in the old thread.

My best advice is my best advice. You can try whatever you want.

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The diagnosis seems to be idiopathic, I could make a 100 guesses as to why my levels plummeted but ultimately nothing obvious ever came about. Testes are fine, pituitary looks fine, possible tertiary hypogonadism (hypothalamus) from years of marijuana abuse.

I should probably delete my last threads, I just injected 50mg of test E and I suppose from this day forth my issues will be entirely different.

I agree with that. It will be a whole new ball game and you can reintroduce issues as needed later. Keep the lab reports.

What is your overall TRT protocol now?