Self-TRT 10 Week Results Help

Before → After 10 weeks of self-TRT

Dosage: 50mg Test-E every 3.5 days (100mg/week total)
Blood Test: Taken 10am of injection day (pre-injection)

TESTOSTERONE: [7.60 - 31.40] 7.53 nmol/L (217 ng/dl) 30.4 nmol/L (877 ng/dl)
FREE-TESTOSTERONE(CALCULATED): [0.30 - 1.00] 0.225 nmol/L (6 ng/dl) 1.14 nmol/L (33 ng/dl)
BETA OESTRADIOL: [0.00 - 191.99] 33.4 pmol/L (9 pg/mL) 152 pmol/L (41.4 pg/mL)
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOB: [16.00 - 55.00] 12.5 nmol/L 10.3 nmol/L
THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE: [0.27 - 4.20] 1.8 mIU/L → 1.94 mIU/L

Some strange results, I didn’t expect my T levels to increase so much on a 100mg/week dosage.

I felt amazing during weeks 5-8: focused, motivated, loads of energy, horny as hell.
But in the past 12-14 days I have been feeling a little tired and unmotivated again, sex drive seems to have gone, and feeling lazier throughout the day.

I did change my injection site 2 weeks ago to IM glute (I think I was missing the muscle before).

I noticed my E2 levels have also shot up to 41 pg/mL.

Can anyone advise on the best course of action?
Should I lower dose to 90mg/week and see how it goes, or should I just get on an AI?


That is your decision really. How do you feel? If you are having any negative estrogen effects, such as limp dick, bloating, no libido, delayed orgasm, then your e2 might be too high for you. If not, leave it alone. Whether you take an AI, or decrease your dose, is a very personal decision, that should be researched!

At 40 e2, your probably going to experience some of those sides. Ideal is between 22-25 for more guys, (per the site) but it depends on how you feel.

His after TRT E2is excessively high. Need to add 1mg Arimadex. Split half with each pin.

that is estrogen!

Wouldn’t it be better to try a lower T dose first, like 80-90mg a week?

My trough levels were 30.4 nmol/L (877 ng/dl), which means my peak levels are probably way over range.

I’m not sure though, would love some advice on that!

Lowering the does 10-20% could be a starting point but I don’t think that’s going to get your estrogen in range. You are over triple the upper end. I think you are going to need an AI.

Thanks @blshaw!

When you say tripple the upper end, don’t you mean double?
From reading the stickies on here, @KSman states the optimal level being around 22pg/ml whereas mine is at 41pg/ml.

Sorry, I misread the units due to the bolding. Yeah you’re not that high. I would try reducing dose first.