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Self-Treating, Starting Point?

43 yr old Male here. Been lifting since I was a Teenager. Long story short about 5 years ago I was low on T and at the time had Medical insurance so my Dr prescribed me T shots, I think it was like 200mg every 2 weeks or something like that. I did that for 4 months and felt good. My lifts went up, motivation, sex drive etc. Lost my medical benefits and came off cold turkey obviously. its been 5 years. I still lift intensely but do have the symptoms of Low T still. Anyway I can get my hands on good clean Test from a friend of mine and Im thinking about getting some from him and doing 250-300mg doses every week and see how I feel. Is this a good starting point?. Im not trying to become a bodybuilder, I just want to combat the effects of aging a little bit.

Theres a lot I do not know so I am a little apprehensive to self Treat but I feel like I have to do something. I still do not have medical insurance so I cant do this through proper channels. my friend whom I trust reassures me that he’s been doing this for awhile and can show me the ropes but I would like to ask you all for any advice, do’s or dont’s etc.

That’s not a TRT dose. So, there’s an issue.

When’s the last time you got comprehensive bloodwork? That’s step number one that basically determines everything to follow.

You don’t need 300mg/week to do that.

Baseline labs would be nice, but replacement doses are usually <200mg and dosing at least once weekly or more to maintain steadier levels.

The fact that you did well on every 2 week protocol is definitely unusual, a small percentage of men can feel good on these protocols.

If I were you I would want to be monitored by a doctor and get my Test from a reliable source.

While most guys take between 150-200mg a week, with most of them at 200mg, very few need more to get there levels to a reasonable range. So do, but 300mg a week is pushing it.

Your twice monthly 200mg protocol is used buy most GPs, urologists and endocrinologists. A small number would go with once weekly and then with smaller dosing. Most TRT clinics use once weekly dosing and while most of these guys getting twice monthly are doing fine and happy, your levels while be higher, and you’ll be happier, with once weekly.

I’d say 150mg once a week would be a good starting point, but 200mg would be ok too.

Ok, Thank you Highpull for the info. So 150mg a week would be advised, good to know.

Systemlord I totally understand the Doctor monitoring part, but as I stated I cannot pay for that service so here I am in this situation. I could continue to battle through feeling tired and with loss of motivation and slowly slip into the misery of acceptance, but Id rather not. I felt remarkably better when I was getting Test shots and need to get back to that place in my life.

Fair enough, but should you run into trouble, we can point you in the right direction. It looks like TRT is going to be very easy for you considering dosing infrequent provides such good results, it now becomes about balancing/monitoring hematocrit and other biomarkers.

You might hear hematocrit levels are of no consequence, there are no absolutes in the hormone world and everyone has their own optimal range for all biomarkers. Your hematocrit levels should NOT be allowed to roam freely above 54%, preferably <52% if you can help it.

Higher hematocrit, thicker blood, more pressure in the pipes.

When wanting to check progress or 6 month checkups

  • Total T
  • Free T
  • SHBG
  • Estradiol
  • CBC-complete blood count
  • PSA

Get a doctor. Why depend upon the black market and be a walking felony waiting to happen? Almost any TRT doctor will get you started.

And why 250/300? If you want to cycle or grow muscle you aren’t doing this for therapy.

Therapy is health and wellness first.
Or preventative medicine first and muscle
/ strength benefits second or
Third even.

Bad advice man. You say wvedy man is different yet you put a limit on hematocrit? When’s the last time you met men with a 56 hematocrit and they’ve had this for a decade? They aren’t having heart attacks because they aren’t at risk for PCV. Hematocrit is a poor market for PCV. A rise in HCT is erethrocytosis.

This is the opinion of someone WAY more knowledgeable than myself, Dr. Saya who didn’t just major in hormones in medical school, but also cardiology. To be a exceptional hormone doctor these days, you need to study multiple areas of medicine because testosterone affects so many other organs.

I’m not saying high hematocrit is bad for everyone, I’m saying it isn’t good for everyone. Some people get above 52% and don’t feel good anymore and are symptomatic.

Correct and most doctors treat it as polycythemia vera, a form of blood cancer in which your bone marrow makes too many red blood cells. erythrocytosis -> more pressure in the pipes.

Correct im not doing this for muscle, I am doing it for therapy. the 250-300 was just a starting point that I was asking opinions on. I was then directed that 150 a week would be sufficient for what I am after, which is wellness in an all around spectrum.

I’ll say again that I CANNOT USE A DOCTOR, I’d have to pay out of pocket and do not have thousands of dollars to do so. I was already on a Doctor prescribed 200mg every 2 week dosage and noticed a good difference. I had to stop with it all due to losing my medical insurance. I just want to get back to where I was. If I can source Test and self inject at a similar dosage as before then that would be great.

About all you can do it try a dose and see where you end up. How do you feel and where does that dose put your trough, then adjust accordingly up or down.

I’d probably start 150 to 200mg per week in 2 doses. M Th or what ever.
Get new bloodwork at about 8 weeks and note how have you been feeling. If you still feel off try bumping the dose up some. Be careful about buying stuff dosed over 300mg/ml my understanding is that it can be painful when injected, though I only use from the Pharmacy so ymmv. Also with ugl test you may see some inconsistencies is actual dosing of the vial, just fyi.

Rinse repeat until you feel good, then maintain.

Since you’re buying from a friend, I also recommend buy plenty at a time and start talking to them about getting some more when you still have a few months on hand, running out sucks.

As usual not medical advice, you’re on your own, etc.

Doctors … my doctor explains how and why HCT is not your indicator for PCV. There is more to it and such a general statement is short sighted IMO .

Men run around hearing this nonsense and they freak out when they reach 52 or 55 or whatever. Maybe they were at 53 as a child and genetically have a high HCT? TRT just brought them back to baseline. Maybe they were at 51 on low t and a little bit of TRT brought them to 54. Is that worrisome? I go from 37 to 48 and I feel fantastic. My hct has sky rocketed. its a wonderful feeling to have more oxygen as I train, live my life and sleep.

ill look for this article that explains why hct is such a horrible factor to identify PCV. I think you already know this.

This is nothing more than doctors disagreeing with doctors.

Not everyone will claim they feel wonderful at high HCT, when I say high I mean >54%.

Rarely are studies looking at every angle, they are narrow and limited. That’s why doctors can’t come to a consensus.

You have received a lot of advice here. As a 54 year old who self treats, this is mine.

Get your test from your friend, at least enough to last about 4 - 6 months. It is illegal after all and the more often you order, the greater the risk for both of you. Get your syringes from an online source. I use GPZ Medical but there are tons around. When ordering syringes, get 3 cc, 1 inch, 23 gauge and order some 18 gauge needles to draw with. It will be so much easier and will keep your needles sharp.

Start with 150 mg/week divided into 2 doses. I do Weds and Sundays. Don’t take any AI or SERMS at this point. However, you can ask your friend if he can get these for you. Also find out if he can get Cialis for you. It helps with blood pressure, BPH, and of course erection quality. Take it on shot days.

Don’t do this half-assed. Don’t try to hide it from your SO. In fact, if she is willing, ask her to inject you in the glutes. Makes things so much easier. If she hurts you in the beginning, don’t say a thing, she will get better with time. Remember to inject in the “upper outer quadrant” of your butt cheek. If you plan on self injecting, go for the upper quad. In my experience, there are less nerves there.

Good luck

EDIT: At some point you will need your own source and not relying on somebody else. Use your friend to help you find a source or connect with his. Take responsibility for your own treatment. Don’t forget blood work. You can get it done privately very easily and results come directly to you.

I can put you in touch with a telemedicine clinic that charges 150/month. Not thousands. It’s a legit script and it’s compounded from a pharmacy and sent to you every couple months. There’s a much better chance the dose is closer to exact from a pharmacy than from Joe at the gym or Mr China. One part of successful TRT is finding the right dose so if every bottle is off to a high enough degree it can cause issues in some. Anyways, there’s a gazillion cheap TRT clinics that do telemedicine.


sorry to hijack might be interested in that info as well as im having similar issues as the op but im 20 years younger.