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Self Teaching Oly Lifts


I want to learn the only lifts this summer. Problem is I don't have access to a coach during this time. I have seen the cal strength videos for teaching the clean, which is probably what I would focus on learning first. I have heard mixed reviews on learning the only lifts yourself. Some say not to, some say its fine. Any input?


shop around the crossfit boxes in your area if you can. Otherwise, post videos here, over at wl forums, etc. You'll get lots of feedback. And start learning the snatch first.


Theres only one crossfit box near me and its kinda a haul (I live in a very rural area). With my summer job this won't work as I work really long hours all week. Also when I get back to school next semester there is a crossfit gym that has some great coaches nearby that I wish to take advantage of. I would def like to put videos up on here though if I started so maybe thats what I would do. Also, just out of curiosity why do you say learn the snatch first?


Generally because if you can learn the snatch you can learn the clean. I always teach the snatch first, even if the person has previous experience with the clean, ESPECIALLY if they have previous experience with the clean.


I had to learn how to lift by myself, my advice to you is to get a good book on technique and video tape yourself from the side to see your form and make changes as needed.
Books I'd recommend are: Olympic weightlifting by greg everett and weightlifting training & technique (Russian manual). Both books you can buy from elitefts.com


Thanks for the advice man. I'll be sure to check out the books. I will also be sure to post videos here for form checks.