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Self-Prolotherapy Solution

Hi all, I have suffered a terrible injury the past 2 years and still have not managed to get better. I was debating on doing self prolotherapy on myself if things get bad enough.

Just this year the powerful solution known as Sodium Morrhuate that comes from codliver fish oil is not being made any more. I have called many prolotherapists around the country and they seem to now only offer Dextrose or Prolozone. Both which are too weak for me. A lot of other powerful proliferants that used to be used are not anymore.

Ive been reading a book on Prolotherapy written by the best prolotherapist in the world. In his book he discloses the solution they were using back in the 50’s.

Zinc sulfate - phenol Stock solution:
Zinc sulfate 8 grams
Liquid phenol 12 cc.
Glycerin 24 cc.
Dist. Water add to 100 cc.

I have no knowledge of chemistry and was wondering if anyone understands the process of making this solution? Or if a chemist would compound this for the average joe?