Self Programming

I’m switching over from the conjugate system during track season because maximal effort sessions+track practice every day probably wouldn’t mix well for me, so I wrote up a little program and I want some thoughts on it.
Here’s a link:!AsbMFdUtLeQMgTWfNpW4RQhCjUt0

Look up westside for skinny bastards part 3. It has a template for added speed work. Plus maintaining strength in season is the most crucial thing for an athlete to do. You will want those Max Effort Days.

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That Excel sheet was tough to sort out, but I think it’s a huge mistake to lift 4 days a week, squat on 3 of those days, and increase the intensity on everything weekly (let alone peaking for a 1RM). In-season, the priority is winning races and and practicing the sport. Weight training is not the priority by a longshot.

Wendler has a great 5/3/1 plan for in-season athletes. That would be much better. The in-season plan for WS4SB3 like zapata said would also be much better than what you came up with.

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