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Self Programming


I’m switching over from the conjugate system during track season because maximal effort sessions+track practice every day probably wouldn’t mix well for me, so I wrote up a little program and I want some thoughts on it.
Here’s a link:



Look up westside for skinny bastards part 3. It has a template for added speed work. Plus maintaining strength in season is the most crucial thing for an athlete to do. You will want those Max Effort Days.


That Excel sheet was tough to sort out, but I think it’s a huge mistake to lift 4 days a week, squat on 3 of those days, and increase the intensity on everything weekly (let alone peaking for a 1RM). In-season, the priority is winning races and and practicing the sport. Weight training is not the priority by a longshot.

Wendler has a great 5/3/1 plan for in-season athletes. That would be much better. The in-season plan for WS4SB3 like zapata said would also be much better than what you came up with.