Self-Prescribing. Doctors Are Useless for Bloodwork

I just went to an endo regarding my self prescribed TRT use. I had already discussed with my PCP several times about my usage.

He would not give me bloodwork, told me to just cold turkey and that there’s no reason I should not recover. Basically called me a criminal for purchasing non-prescribed meds. Said he would be encouraging my criminal behavior by monitoring my bloodwork. Also told me 200mg/every 2 weeks was typical dose.

I could not believe it. I was livid and just walked out. Regardless of me doing something that is non-prescribed, you’re going to not monitor and make sure I’m healthy? Fuck the U.S. healthcare system. And the fact that they told me to just stop and I won’t have any side effects and that there is no reason I should not recover? Are you kidding me?

I live in a state where I can not purchase bloodwork without a dr’s order otherwise I’d just do it myself. I’m going to have to try different dr’s I guess. Honestly the steroid community has more informed medical knowledge than actual dr’s do.


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Go to another doctor and make up bs, or try to build a relationship with a liberal lgbtq doctor, theyre usually more open about hormone treatment.

What’s your age, height, weight, bodyfat, and symptoms prior to self-prescribing?

How long have you been on and and at what dose?

I mean… you are. Right? you can’t be upset if the shoe fits.

I don’t know where you’re located and I’m not crystal clear on liability laws, but if you’re using a prescription drug without a legal prescription, and the doctor knowingly assists in managing your symptoms/bloodwork/advice/etc., it’s not hard to imagine how they’d be risking their license if something goes sideways with your health under their care.

This is how it works when looking for a doctor to treat any medical condition, yes. Ask for referrals from people, check references, the whole nine.

This is objectively untrue. The average bros education in anabolics pales in comparison to the average endo or urologist (though I do agree that the 200mg/E2wks seems like an unfortunate go-to). The smartest bros are potentially on par with the smartest docs, it’s just a matter of stumbling your way into a conversation with either one. Fortunately the docs are easier to find.


No he would be monitoring your health because he gives a damn, based on his comment your health is the last thing he’s interested in. Our medical system in this country or the world is wholly inadequate in knowledge pertaining to hormones so the fact that you must break the law is every bit partly their fault. You wouldn’t have to resort to these measures if our medical system hadn’t ignored horomes for decades.

Decades ago the hormone estrogen was classified as the female hormone, you have endo’s who routinely say either men don’t have estrogen or I don’t test or monitor estrogen in my patients on TRT. It’s flat out refused and this just shows you how ignorant our medical system is in hormone knowledge.

Screw you doctor.

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This is funny. It occured to me that in certain circles it’s easier/cheaper/more socially acceptable for a ftm transgender person to get prescribed testosterone than a man.

Own it. Don’t stop at criminal, become an outlaw. Give el chapo a run for his money.

The dr cares about his medical license. You should have never said you were injecting illegally sourced drugs in your system. He probably wrote that down and it will follow you.

You should have self paid for lab work. If you want to go the legal route, you should have kept your mouth shut, stopped injecting, wait a month, then asked a dr to check your blood work. Tell them you feel all the typical symptoms. Then get them to prescribe. However, the guy you are seeing isn’t going to give you much.

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You are being such a hypocrite right now, it’s ridiculous. Happy to continue bashing doctors while not interested in treating your own basic health.

Consider returning to this thread, which you’ve been deliberately and conveniently ignoring, whenever you’re ready to focus on taking care of yourself: Diagnosed with Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes - #47 by Chris_Colucci

Are there some low quality, misinformed doctors out there? Of course (and unfortunately), just like there are bad personal trainers. But there are also plenty of qualified endos and urologists treating patients successfully with zero drama and no problems.

The OP in this thread left out so many variables about his situation, it’s definitely jumping the gun to blame the doctor for not wanting to endanger his practice to help some dude who’s injecting himself with who knows what from who knows where for who knows how long.


Its not funny, it pisses me off. They claim their gender dysmorphia is a mental illness that must be dealt with using hormones. Well shit cure my depression with hormones then?

Took me 6 docs and non would do it until I went out of pocke

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Yeah just go to an anti aging doc and pay their 200% markup. They’ll write the scrip for you and mail you the meds with one trip to a lab Corp. Way simpler than convincing a Dr. that isn’t on board.

If all you are wanting to do is monitor bloods just go in for a checkup and ask to have hormone panel done and CBC. Maybe if you act curious about hormone treatment and never mention being on already you could do it that way?

I’m prescribed TRT by a local endo so I don’t have to worry about it. My wife goes through DEFY, we have the option to buy what ever blood tests we want from labcorp, and that’s what they wanted us use that. It would have been $300+ for all the initial blood work. I decided I was gonna cheat the system some what. Had her go into regular doc in the box places (American family care) and said this is what I want. She had to be super persistent and actually make two trips for all the tests but we saved $300!

I do feel sorry for you, but there is no easy way out of this. As a new patient with the endocrinologist, he does not know you and will want zero part in working with you. Sure, he could give you test and manage it, but he won’t trust you and for all he knows you could be using other anabolics obtained illegally. If anything goes wrong, it’ll be his ass and he won’t take that risk.

Your primary either does not want to deal with it either, maybe for the above reason or does not feel knowledgeable enough, and if so, he did the right thing sending you to a specialist.

Now, you have a history of black market steroid use likely documented in your electronic medical record. This could come back and bite you in the ass in a few ways. One, apply for life insurance, see how the insurance actuary handles it.

At this point your options are to keep doing what your have been or go outside of the insurance box and see a cash based TRT doctor. I would do the later as you know you’ll be getting properly manufactured products and be properly followed by someone who specializes in hormone replacement/restoration therapy.

There is good advice above and good luck starting the process of looking for a new doctor.

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A doctor that performs these treatments are more likely to be open minded if they are willing to accept that a person feels as though their gender identity is wrong. These type of doctors are not of the arrogant or overly prideful know it all type that are judgemental or ignorant in hormones.