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Self-Medicating TRT in UK

Hello ALL

I’m new to this forum so please forgive my ignorance. I’m 38 years old who works out regularly and have been suffering from weight gain, sleep problems, low libido, erectile dysfunction, tiredness etc. so I decided to see the GP and asked to do some blood tests. These all came back clear so asked to check T and they have said that’s normal too at 14.6 and said I do not need TRT.

I have looked in to Optimale and Balance my Hormones but they all seem pretty expensive for me especially with the consultation fees and blood tests. I have read a few mentioning about self-medicating but I have no idea where to start. How can I self medicate when I do not have a prescription and what do I self-medicate with? Please advise.

It seems like you don’t have to so don’t do it. If you are not getting it on the NHS then it will be expensive and its for life so it wont get cheaper.

If you are going to go private then the only decent TRT people in the UK
are without doubt:

If you are going to self-medicate you need as a bare minimum the following blood test:

Only then, once you’ve posted them here, can anyone give you advice.

And as alphonsus12 points out, if the NHS don’t help you then you’ll be paying out your own pocket.

Thanks for the replies. debooza have you had experience the Mens Health Clinic and do you know how much it costs?