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Self Medicating TRT, Help?


Im selfmedicating testosterone since its very hard to gain medical help where i live. I’ve done som bloodworks that came up a little high. My estrogen levels seems a bit high and also my T went from 512 - 1030 ng/dl.

Test 1 Done 26 oktober. (50mg Testo E E3D, No HCG) Intramuscular.
Link test 1

Estrogen = 26Pg/ml.

Test 2 Done 3 January. (62,5mg Testo E E3d, 250Iu HCG E3D) Subcutaniously .
Link Test 2

Estrogen = 73.5 Pg/ml.

Östradiol = Estrogen in swedish.

I think i should go back to 50Mg e3d, and hope that the added hcg maybe will make a bit diffrence since the first time i tested on the same dose?

Should i do a small dose of Anastrozole to get a little bit faster back in track with the estradiol, or should i just wait for the lesser amount of testosterone injected to bring back estrogen?

Thank you for the help, Greetings!

I would definitely get some Anastrozole and start a 1 mg/week and retest. Your desired range for E2 is 22-25

Yes thankyou, thats what i thought also. Maybe i can try Anastrozole for a couple of weeks and when im in zoned in maybe i can try go off it and see if estrogen will stay in place. I would rather not take one medication to alleviate symtoms of another if you see what i mean… :smiley:

This is what im gonna do:

  1. Lower testo e to 50mg E3D.
  2. 1mg Anastrozole divided over EW, for a couple of weeks.

Hopefully the lowered testo-dose will in time stabilise my estrogen, meanwhile i will use Anastrozole to speed up a bit.

How does this sound?


Estrogen doesnt “stay in place”. Test aromatizes into estrogen. You need to take steps to prevent that.

I do understand you but TRT without controlling E2 is not a good idea. There’s no need to lower your dose, just control your E2.

I take a pretty high dose of Test and I control my E2 and I feel fantastic and young again.

Thankyou for your advice. Since i inject roughly 2 times a week (E3D) should i take Anastrozole at the same day as i inject E3D or what do you think is the best. Or maybe EOD, what do you think?


I personally take my arimidex (anastrozole) on shot days. I’ve heard of other protocols too, but doing it on shot days helps me remember