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Self Medicated: TRT

After alot of cycles over the last decade, i have finally come to the conclusion that i am ready to permanently medicate with test.

I now have a local source, of whom i know only deals in high quality product who has agreed a price which is reasonable to say the very least :wink:

I would like some advice from the vets or those who remain on cycle so to speak permanently, i.e which compounds/esters they run, the use of ai’s etc.

Financially it is most viable for me to run test enanthate @ up to 800mg per week.
running adex etc is not really something i want to do permanently, for financial reasons but mainly because it has a profound effect on my mood.
As regaurds HCG, i am still awaiting a price from my source.

Thanks in advance

800mg sounds like a very excessive cruise dose.

Whoa your talking HRT right? 800mg/week?! I’d say you could run enan, ive heard more run with cyp. Id also think you should drop that WAAAAY down and you shouldnt need an AI. I would also use HCG.

Cyp and Enth have similar half-lifes, so I don’t think it should be an issue to switch the two.

That being said, most TRT doses I’ve seen are in the 100-300mg doses. 800mg sounds more like a full-fledged never-ending cycle. However, if you’re going to completely suppress your own natural test production anyways, I don’t think raising the dosage of test would matter all that much.

With your reluctance to use A-dex, I’d say lower the test dosage. Seems like you’d run into elevated E levels at 800mg per week.

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My apologies, i do not intend to run full time on 800mg per week, it is just financially viable now for me to do so, for example if i wanted to gain some weight, or put myself in a calorie deficit, hence, i would up the dosage.

100mg/wk is the average TRT dose, with 200mg being as high as you’ll ever see actually prescribed (at least for 99.9% of the population). You shouldn’t need an AI on that low of a dose, but some do. You also don’t need HCG, as there’s no reason to preserve testicular function on TRT unless you’re trying to get someone pregnant.