Self-Made Diet to Cut BF%

Hey everyone
after all the posts i finally thought up a meal plan to help me drop bf and gain muscle through the haze of the pain meds they have me on for surgery.

please take a look and tell me what you think.

Breakfast- 2 eggs, Protein Shake, Oatmeal, Banana

Snack- Half a Sandwhich(Whole Wheat bread, ham, turkey, salami) Protein Shake

Lunch- Full Sandwich(Same as above), Protein Shake, Baked Potato, Banana

After School- Half a Sandwich

After Lift- Protein Shake

Dinner- Pasta with Parmesan cheese

i dont know the macros exactly, but i am an Endo(i think), and i am thinking there are lots of things wrong with this diet… am i right?

It might be good for gaining muscle, but i feel that it doesnt meet my needs for me to be consistent with this + my workout and achieve a significant drop in BF%?

let me know

What’s your height, weight, routine, goals?
Total up your calories and macronutrients on then post what you came up with so we can help you better.

#1 - I’d say go maintenance calories until you’re recovering from whatever you’re taking paid meds for.

#2 - Do the stuff amanda said

#3 - Regardless of your goals, get some veggies in your diet.

#4 - Regardless of your goals, drop the pasta for dinner. Pasta is carb heavy and calorie dense, not what you want for the last meal of the day.

Problems I see

1.) Carb ratio is reeeeally high. Baked potatoes, pasta, and bread are not what I would expect to see on a cutting diet.
2.) No healthy fats. It looks like the only fat you have is coming from salami. Fish oil and EVOO are your friends.
3.) PWO needs thinking.
4.) No veggies. Fiber and antioxidents.
5.) Not enough solid food proteins. Shakes are not ideal.

alright. thanks for the great replies.

Here are my stats
Height- 6"0
Weight- 158
Goals- Drop body fat to at least 12%, i am currently 16-18%. I went about it the wrong way in the beginning with atkins, lost a lot of muscle and weight because i did it the wrong way(not saying atkins is bad, just that i didnt follow it right)I am left with a body that weighs 158, but with a shirt off, my body looks like that of a 170-190 man who is out of shape.

Routine- I have lifted seriously since last May. I have come up with a plan for me that has built muscle and lost SOME fat(dropped me from 24 to 18% in about a year almost, but i want quicker loss), but no where near the amount i need to lose.
Monday- Chest/Bicep
Wednesday- Shoulders/ Back
Friday- Legs, Tricep

3 exercises per body part, 3 sets of 12,10,8
i switch beteween a strength phase and muscle building phase(hypertrophy, i heard it was called) approximatly every 2-3 months.

3x a week + Basketball 3x a week.

Here are those macroes with my current meal plan
Cals- 3060
Carbs- 352

there isnt enough fat(good fat) i see, carbs i now see are off the charts, and my Cals are well above the means for gaining that i need, which isnt what i want to do.

Now i see what is wrong, how can i eat to cut BF? are there any total meal plans that work that are on T-Nation that i can just pick up and follow?

I wouldn’t follow mealplans anyways, just general guidelines. Check out the 7 habits

As far as fat loss, you’re definitely going to want to cut the carbs down. Eat them either mostly in the morning and around (before/after) your workouts.

[quote]Brant_Drake wrote:
Problems I see

1.) Carb ratio is reeeeally high. Baked potatoes, pasta, and bread are not what I would expect to see on a cutting diet.

Especially for someone who is endo.

Need more protein too.

6’0, 158 lbs, with 16-18% bf?

Is that a typo?

ive got to have it planned out.
that is part of what keeps me motivated, is that it is part of a routine.
I like consistency, so eating the same thing every day wouldnt necessarily sour me on any certain food.

also, i go to school, and i have to be able to eat stuff that is easy to make the night before and quick.

thats not a typo. had my BF chcked before surgery, it was 17. Dont know if it went up or down during surgery, thats why i said it was 16-18. Weight was checked about an hour or so ago, 158 LBS, electronic scale. I also had it checked at a Pre-op appointment a few weeks ago it was 155. i know i have gained since then beacuse i have gone off healthy eating during this surgery time because i have to eat what is around me, cant go to get my own food.

[quote]dharmabum31 wrote:
6’0, 158 lbs, with 16-18% bf?

Is that a typo?[/quote]

you cut down any more weight and you’ll look like a twig…you need some protein, squats, bench and pull ups…

that might be true, but there is still a lot of BF that i need to cut. Once i get these tubes out of me, ill post pics and ill probably get advice to cut.

my trainer says we have done enough cutting, and it is time to put on some good, clean weight but i do want to get rid of my fat and look good for once at about 12% body fat in my life. I dont doubt what he’s talking about, but ive never let him catch me with my shirt off so he cant see my upper body. I wear loose clothing so it tricks a lot of people.

i will post pics possibly in the next few weeks as my body continues to reduce swelling and bruising on the torso.

Will gaining muscle give me a true shape of being lean and muscular? will it spread everything out? I’m not expecting an over night result, i just want good, noticeable progress over 4-6 months.