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Self Intro and Diet Question

Hi All

My name’s Hank and I’m from Toronto. A big thanks first off to the people who run and who participate on this site. It is highly informative and very motivational! Well done :slight_smile:

About myself: I am one of the many guys who you see at your local gym who never seems to change. I don’t get any leaner nor do I bulk up, in spite of all the jogging and weight lifting I have done. The problem has always been nutrition for me. At first it was about how much of what kinds of food to consume. Then it was how to implement that into my lifestyle in ways that I could manage.

Now I think I have that essential part settled but what I would like to do is to post my meal plan and hear any feedback that you fellas may have. This is my first attempt at making one btw :slight_smile:

The number crunching tells me I need 5000 Calories each day but I really need to build up to that (my present appetite just can’t cope).

Thanks for your input! Humorous remarks are also appreciated!

Meal #1: 70g rolled oats, 300ml skim milk, 30g currants, 1 scoop of protein powder mixed with water, 1 banana.

Meal #2: Four chicken thighs, Two slices of pita bread, 1 carrot.

Meal #3: 250ml skim milk, 3 raw eggs, 1 scoop of veggie powder (similar to superfood used in the vector 3.0 diet plan).

Meal #4: Two slices of cheese (made from skim milk), two cans of tuna, 1 cup of green peas.

Meal #5: 70g of soy protein with water.

Snacks: 100g of mixed seeds and nuts (sunflower, pumpkin and almonds).

I also supplement with fish oil and a multvitamin.

Total Calories: 3100 of which 35% from Protein, 35% carbs (13% sugars) and 30% fat.

ur food selection seems clean…just slowly bump up the calories about 300-500kcal every 2 weeks.

when i started ‘bulking’ i started by adding food to my first meal (carbs) and then once that was ‘too much food’ i put more on the second…so on and so forth.

good luck

Try to alternate a solid meal with a liquid meal.

Liquid meals can be your secret weapon for adjusting to the increased caloric intake.

Increase your carbs, drop the soy protein (it sucks, use whey or a protein blend like Metabolic Drive), and make sure you’re putting in a TON of intensity in the gym and you’ll grow.

Welcome and good luck, Hank.

You diet does look clean and seems like a good start. Like B rock said, gradually increase the cals over time.

Ghost has given you a good tip about the liquid meals. They can be very calorie dense (have a lot of calories). This can be done easily by just adding some olive oil (yes, add it to the shakes) or some peanut butter. You get the calories without knowing it.

Keep on this diet for a couple weeks, see what your body is doing and then adjust.

Also, keep up the exercise. You might notice that with the extra calories you have more energy and can work harder. Just do it the smart way and it will pay off in the long run.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

So the liquid calorie idea. What would that entail? A bit of olive oil, but what else? What might a liquid meal consist of?

whole milk will add up quick. And swap out the water with milk in your protein shake, along with olive oil or peanut butter. Does not have to be peanut butter either most any type of nut butter will do.