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Self Injection Tips


Getting ready to start up a cycle and just wondering if anyone has any self injection tips. By "tips", I don't mean aspiration or anything like that - I'm more looking for positions.

I usually do the "Lattimer" - stand up, weight on leg opposite of glute that will recieve the injection. Sometimes I lay on my side with a pillow between my legs and I inject that way, too.

Any other techniques?



there's a site with injection "tips" not sure if we can post it or not though..


Lay on your sides with a pillow between your legs..

Do you light a candle, some incence, throw in some Barry Manilow and tell yourself how special you are, too?

Just jab the damn thing in and try not to hit an artery.


ive always been wary about self injection; i do think it should be safe to post sites with tips, as long as thats it. it shouldn't be a source post. But also a google search will yield quite a bit of results





I left out the part where I dry hump the pillow.




I have a hard time getting around to my glutes. I prefer to shoot quads. It is much easier to reach.


IIRC siteinjections.com
or maybe just leave off the s... not sure. Any how- will show where to pin.


Some people complain that quads hurt like hell either during or after. I don't have that problem at all, happily. Ventrogluteal site is easiest and least painful I've tried. Basically the meaty side of your hip, between trochantor and iliac crest. Can take up to 5ccs.

I also shoot delt and someone here recently had the good idea of putting the elbow of the hand holding the syringe against the wall and pushing it over to the delt for increased range of motion. Aspirating is hard when shooting delt, however.

I've never shot glutes. Like 2thepain, it is just too much for me to stretch around back there when there are easier, more accessible sites available to me.


LMFAO @ Ctrl. Good stuff. I was almost in tears.

I mainly shoot glutes and ventroglutes. I just relax and do it. As for quads, someone here (sorry dont remember who) told me to sit down on the floor, relax and shoot. Still half the time I have some slight pain for 2 days. Nothing that painful but why bother except for EOD or ED shooting?

I cant imagine shooting the right shoulder myself (being right handed). How do you guys do it?


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LMAO x 3

Don't forget the rose petal bath afterwards...


Yea, I've never done my own delt, because I would probably f'up the aspirating :(. Quads for me.


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I do IM on delts, quads, triceps.. every think where i can have direct line of sight :wink: