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Self Designed Program

This is a three day split that I made, please let me know if there is anything wrong with it. One thing you should know is that I have a shoulder imbalance and that is why I have more pulling movements then pushing ones. I’m also hoping to get a little rib cage expansion since I am still young and that’s why I have pullovers.

Day 1
Upright Rows

Day 2
Calf Press
Power Clean
Bench Press

Day 3
Chin Up
Machine row
Push Press
Ab work

There’s not much to say here since this is simply a list of exercises. They’re not bad exercises if you just plan to go to the gym and go through the motions, but why would you do that???

You have access to literally hundreds of professionally designed programs on this site alone. There is no reason for someone at your level to roll your own. Put your effort into actually training instead. I think you will find that by the time you have the experience to design an effective program, you won’t want to anymore. Ironic isn’t it???

Kruiser makes a good point about why you might want to take a cookie-cutter routine and just do it. If you need to, add more pulling to Rippetoes, or Reg Parks 5x5 or something.

That said, I’d avoid upright rows because they stress the wrists and shoulders in potentially dangerous positions. And I’d drop pullovers, because that stuff about expanding your ribcage is nonsense, and you’d be better just benching. Seriously.

Otherwise, it looks okay. What rep/set scheme were you intending on?

Right now I am doing a 5x5 set up. I have already been lifting for a little less then a year, with good gains. Before I did a 3x10 and then a 10x3 and before that I don’t even know what I did =). I wanted to try to make a program built around my own individual needs and hoped that this would be good. Are you sure the ribcage stuff is nonsense? I mean I have no proof, but I know that if I do a lot of squats, and then do pullovers right after, my ribs get a funny feeling for the rest of the day, and my maximum expansion size has increased and I am no longer growing. Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts and why you think them. Much thanks from everyone.

Make sure you keep track of your lifts everyday. I really wish I had done that when I started lifting. I did programs but I didn’t really keep track of my lifts. The result. Maybe I worked harder each day, maybe I didn’t. I don’t know because I didn’t write it down.

From the looks of what you’re doing. Find a Waterbury program.