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Does any FSB's (Former Skinny Bastards) feel self-conscious wearing tighter-fitting or even sleeveless t-shirts now that you carry a little muscle mass?

When my arms were pathetically small I had no qualms wearing a sleeveless in the summer time. Now I get self-conscious doing the same.

When a skinny guy rocks the beater on a hot summer day most just assume it's pratical. But when a guy with larger-than-normal arms rocks one most would probably assume that he's trying to "show off"..............True? Not true? Comments.....


It's all in how you hold it.

If you go around flexing your lats all day and looking around at people to see if they are checking you out, then there's a problem.

The only people who would think you are showing off are the jealous ones, so don't worry 'bout it.


It's true if one carries himself in such a way that over advertises his build. Actually I get told I should wear tight shirts. And as a FFB, I used to be a bit self conscious. But nice comments from attractive women have settled that.


While our situations are different women (or at least this one) get this all the time. I purposefully will not show my arms depending on the company I'm with. If I know if will illicit comments or make other women who don't train feel uncomfortable I definately downplay the arms, etc.

Its actually sad that the unfit can wear whatever they want and if you do you are 'showing off'.


Yea, I guess it's all in how you hold yourself. I make sure to put on a sweatshirt if I stop off somewhere on my way home from the gym and am pumped, sweaty and vieny.

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining! It just sucks seeing these toothpicks walking around school being completely comfortable while I've got a regular shirt on with my super-charged metabolism burning me up inside!.....ohh to be small again! :slight_smile:


buidling some exhibition stands with a load of students last year, wearing an old T shirt that was probably a bit small

I had loads of piss taking comments, like "2 tickets to the big gun show" etc



Wear whatever you want. Personally I think wife beaters look trashy. yeah I know personal preference, whatever. As long as you aren't walking around trying to pretend you are billy badass then you'll be fine. Women will look at you, dudes will too. Those in the know will say hey that dude worked pretty hard for his chit. Those not in the know either won't care or will be jealous.

Let them be jealous, why should you have to restrict what you do because you are living a healthy hard working lifestyle?


Good thoughts everyone. I was just wondering if I was alone on this issue, apperantly not. I guess it's the same as a girl who is on her way home from the beach and has to put on a skirt or something because she can't really rock a bikini around town (not that there's anything wrong with that!) Clothing is situational dependent....................................On a side note, it must be hard for guys like ProfX. They must just be constantly bombarded by dumbass questions and comments, labeled and stereotyped. Sad.


I think I'm going to email my "stupid friend" that has the gun show shirt this thread. He such a clown.


This thread is gay.

Not that there's... ah fuck it.


This is true.

Now don't act like a jackass and no one will be the wiser to what you're wearing. Now go cut the sleeves off all your shirts and make cut-offs out of all your pants and wear them proudly.


I wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts the majority of the time when not at work. I always have and I don't do it to show off. There comes a point where you just wear what makes you comfortable. You get stared at, you hear the comments and you go on about your business. I have a ton of Under Armour LOOSE GEAR. For those that didn't know, they make loose clothing as well that fits and looks great like regular t-shirts. Their web site is filled with shit. I sweat easily so those help as far as function. I just feel comfortable and I have no issues with my arms showing. I get some comment from someone almost daily about my size so it has really gotten to the point where I half expect it and half ignore it. I try to act as if it is the first time I have heard the same comments, half smile, and move on.

Once you get to a certain size, you are going to stand out no matter what you wear. If I truly cared that much about what people think, I would wear a jacket 24/7 and quit lifting weights. Learn to have more confidence in yourself and you will care less what other people think. Most of it is in your head anyway unless you are really that much bigger than everyone else.


Why do you care if somebody thinks you are showing off ?


Exactly. It's a hot mother fucker in these parts so tank tops make up the majority of my shirts but in the winter. Stares and comment are ignored.


I try not to wear clothes that make me look gay. This is a big help.


What do you about the eyeliner and lipgloss?


Hey, he's Rick James bitch.LOL