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Self-Built Training Regiment!

Hey guys, I’ve lost 30 lbs now since April, and I’m looking to get myself a little motivation for strength, so I’m planning on turning to a plan that I have invented for myself.

I workout M W F, and diet I will update on later, as I haven’t gotten around to adding anything up recently.

Please be as brutal as possible, I want to have the best plan I can engineer. Weights are already figured out on what I know I can do right now without having too many problems.

This is what I’ve cooked up. Day 3 needs help, and Day 1 I’d like to reconfigure a bit as well. Any help is much appreciated.

MON, WED workouts:

FRI workouts:

PS: Sorry about the MS Word squigglies, just trying to make it so everyone can view without having WORD

Can anyone fit some core into there? I am going to be doing jiu jitsu after the holiday rush at work is over, so I need that.

What are your goals? Your set/rep scheme varies from 5x4 to 3x20 with no discernible reason.

If you’re going for strength, and you can only fit in 2 moves per body part, I’d do 5x5 and 3x8. Ex: 5x5 on bench press, working up to a heavy final set, then 3x8 on DB bench press. If you need more volume than that, you can go to 3x12 or 3x15 for the second movement, but you still have the 5x5 for strength.

You need to fit some lateral raises in there for your medial delts. They’re getting nothing.

There’s more, but it takes time for me to pick through a three day plan. All I can think is THIS ISN’T ENOUGH. I know your schedule probably dictates that you can only lift three days, though. Have you thought of spreading a bodypart split out to match your schedule?

How about you choose a well designed program that is designed to meet your goals what ever they may be.


Why not use a premade one? Like, one built by a non-beginner?

I have found all premade plans to ultimately be ‘not for me’

I’m not working for size, I’m working on building explosive power and the majority of this plan is aimed towards getting me in shape. I still don’t say many adjustments, except for lat raises, which I will add into day 1… Maybe go day 1

Lat Raise
Pull Ups

Day2 the same

Day 3, add in the leg extensions and leg press?
I’m not sure

I tried starting strength, I couldn’t stick with it , I’m not really a beginner by any means, im more of an intermediate haha.

I want to adjust my plan, put some core in there, add the muscle groups I am missing.

My goals: Lean out, build explosive power, maybe bring in a little mass, but right now i’m focusing on explosive power and weight loss…

I was maybe gonna change the reps to more reps per set, at lighter weights… with less rest. Created a circuit training of sorts.

Day 1:
Deadlift heavy set of 1-5
chinup variation (rep range dependant on current ability)
kroc rows
cable rows 8-12 rep top set
curl variation

Day two:
BP variation heavy set of 3-8
shoulder press 5-10 rep top set
fly variation 10-15 rep top set
rear delt flys 8-12 rep top set
triceps 8-12 top set

Day three:
Squat up to 3s and 5s
leg press 8-12 rep top set
glute ham or leg curls 8-15 reps/set
leg ext 15-30 reps failure on top set

Good luck.