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Self Bloodletting

Ok so Red Cross wont let me donate for another year due to peptides.

My GP wants to charge me an arm, leg and my left nut.

Who has self bloodlet or had their mrs do it for them?

What gauge needle did you find worked best?
Did you use a syringe to draw?
Did you use a blood bag?


Yea, I should’ve mentioned you need to lie on red cross forums in order to be elligable to donate, you can’t say you’ve ever used drugs that weren’t prescribed by a doc (say ugl anabolic steroids) and deny ANY use of PED’s such as peptides, sarms and whatnot, even if it isn’t specifically prohibited they’ll make you wait. Now, lying on blood donations is a seedy thing to do, as the reason they have these precautions in place is to avoid tainted blood being given to another individual (say you ticked no but you were a heroin addict sharing needles and had HIV, so they take you’re blood, transfer it too someone else and then BAM now someone has HIV, Red Cross gets sued (or not, is there a disclosure agreement one has to sign to accept blood, I wouldn’t know). You see the populace has the notion that AAS users tend to share needles and/or inject with dirty needles, which isn’t true. The other issue is, I wouldn’t want my sick daughter (if I had a daughter) being given blood from a guy on tren… even in trace amounts who knows what impact that’d have lol.

Anyway if anyone HAD ever self bled because they weren’t able to donate blood, they wouldn’t talk about it as it’s an extremely abnormal thing to do, while it may be the only reasonable thing to do if you aren’t able to get a phlebotomy, donate blood or whatever, it isn’t considered a normal thing to do, and the potential consequences (such as a collapsed vein, unsterile blood drawing practices leading to an infection… worse case endocarditis) would also make one uncomfortable dishing out advice on the subject in case the person doing the self phlebotomy got hurt, one also might feel paranoid about posting something like that online. This is best put in the pharma section, maybe someone will help you out. If you’re HCT is high and you can’t donate you can either drop the test dose or find someone willing to do it cheaper or do what you’re thinking of doing that I don’t reccomend or not reccomend because I have no opinion on the subject, seriously though self phlebotomy should be a last ditch resort. Ask physiolojik on his thread, he can give a better answer than anyone else.

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Oh yea man that was still on my record from 2013.

They said i can donate this time next year.

I completely agree, honesty best policy even though it fucks you more than it helps you

But really peptides come on

Out of curiosity, what is your HCT level?

I thought if you had a prescription for bloodletting, it would be fine. Ask the Doc for a script, then the blood wont be for donation.

a script for a phlebotomy is firstly (expensive) and secondly, it’s hard as fuck to get a phlebotomy script here, since the notion of pharmacologic intervention to counteract the side effects of drugs is discouraged in the medical community, the notion is to just wean the patient to a lower dose of test or take them off completely, letting them suffer in a hypogonadal state until HCT goes back down, at least that’s what seems to be the philosophy here in Aus.

Its at 170, but my BP is fluctuating.

I have just started 5mg cialis and 2 aspirin per day to help bring it down.

So next step is the super long word @unreal24278 knows how to say and spell haha.

Yea i can get a script anyday I want, but i do like the idea od keeping my arm, leg and left nut.

phlebotomy, now I kind of hinted at it but I’ll confirm I know how to perform a DIY self phlebotomy, I just don’t feel comfortable giving out the advice due to the potential risks involved, it’s really a last resort type thing you’d do, if you fall unconscious due to blood loss during and no one else is there, you can bleed out. If you fuck up the needle insertion, use too much pressure or move it about too much you can get a collapsed vein which may or may not heal back up to normal, you can’t just jam a needle into any vein and hope to draw blood, there’s certain veins you need to know how to locate and accurately puncture, if you don’t sterilize everything and do it in sterile conditions you can get an infection etc. It really should be a job for a trained individual (I’m slightly trained and slightly irresponsible) note this doesn’t confirm I’ve done this before… just hints at it. I’d never outright confirm self bloodletting, It’s just not I’d be willing to talk about or help out with or talk about.

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Its all good man, I’ll see if our gp nurse will give me the rundown.

I understand the process, just really eanting to confirm my knowledge.